Worship Arts Minor

Worship Arts Minor

      Are you a musician who has a heart for using your musical talents in God’s service?

      Our Worship Arts Minor provides Crandall students who have musical talent, paired with a heart for worship, the opportunity to fine-tune their passion and gifts through worship team involvement and traditional in-class instruction. Much of the practical training and experience will be fulfilled through participation within different musical worship teams on campus, ‘on the road’, and within local churches.

      Minor in Worship Arts (21 credit hours)

      • WM3063
      • WM3173
      • WM3363
      • WM1001
      • WM2001
      • WM3001
      • WM3002
      • WM4001
      • WM4002

      Choose one combination list, either music or drama:


      • MU1243
      • MU1403


      • CO2113
      • CO3133

      This program will focus on the modern worship genre of pop/rock, rather than jazz/classical/traditional.

      Successful applicants must meet one or more of the following criteria:

      • Keyboard (able to read chord charts, know triads and scales in all keys)
      • Acoustic guitar (syncopated strumming patterns, basic chord knowledge, own quality guitar)
      • Bass (know notes of neck, demonstrate solid 1/8 note playing, with smooth note changes, own quality bass)
      • Electric guitar (know notes of neck, familiar with dotted 1/8th delay, power chords and triads, own quality guitar, pedals)
      • Drums (able to play live with metronome)
      • Violin, Cello (ability to hear and create counter-melody and harmony by ear, pitch control)
      • Vocals (worship leading and leading a band as a vocalist. Vocal intonation, rhythm, basic keyboard knowledge would be an asset. Basic theory knowledge necessary. Should be able to hear, sing, and create harmonies on demand.)

      Contact information:

      For audition information or any other questions related to the Worship Arts Minor, please contact the Dean of Chapel, Mr. Timothy Milner
      T: 506-858-8970 ext. 270
      E: tim.milner@crandallu.ca