Why Crandall?

Why Crandall?

    A Christian university

    Crandall University was founded by Christians in 1949 and has always been open to all students who meet our academic requirements for admission. Crandall is the largest faith-centered university located north of Boston and east of Toronto. At Crandall you will find a safe, warm, and caring community with professors and staff who seek to faithfully live the Christian faith as examples to students.

    All traditional undergraduate students (BA, BSc, BBA, BTh) will have the opportunity to explore the content of the Christian faith through a minor in Religious Studies. In other degree programs the basics of the Christian faith are also explored since it has formed much of the foundation of Canadian and western culture.

    As part of the path to understanding and application, students experience dynamic chapel services, individually-tailored service learning in the Crandall Community Practicum program, and specialized course assignments and readings.

    Generous scholarships and financial aid

    Crandall is the most affordably priced of the more than 200 Christian universities in North America. Crandall is not only competitively priced, but it also attracts excellent students from across the country and around the globe due to its generous scholarship and bursary program for traditional undergraduate students. Entering high school applicants to an Arts, Business, or Science degree who possess an average of 80% or above are automatically awarded a Board of Governors entrance scholarship. In addition, students who apply before the scholarship deadline and evidence experience in Christian leadership (such as volunteering in their church or serving on staff at a Christian camp, etc.) may be eligible for either a Chancellor’s, Vice-Chancellor’s, President’s, or Dean’s award. In addition, Jackson entrance awards are given to home schoolers, students from ministry families, and graduates of Christian high schools.

    Faculty academic credentials

    Crandall’s professors have graduated from some of the world’s most prestigious institutions including: Aberdeen, Columbia, Florida State, Harvard, Manchester, Oxford, Notre Dame, Penn State, Queen’s, the Sorbonne, Western, Wheaton, York, and the Universities of Alberta, British Columbia, Chicago, Illinois, Maryland, New Brunswick, Ottawa, Toronto, Wales, and more.

    Faculty publications

    Crandall’s professors have had scholarly academic articles published in hundreds of the leading journals in their respective fields. In addition, faculty members have had books published by prestigious academic presses including: Abilene University Press, Ashgate, Baker Academic, Cambridge Scholars Press, HarperZondervan, Inter-Disciplinary Press, InterVarsity Academic, InterVarsity Press, McGill-Queen’s University Press, Northern Illinois University Press, Oxford University Press, Paternoster Press, Sense Publishers, Springer-Verlag Singapur, University of Notre Dame Press, University of Ottawa Press, University of Toronto Press, Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

    Study abroad opportunities

    Crandall is one of only two universities in Canada to have a study abroad agreement with the University of Oxford.  You can apply to travel with your friends to Britain to study drama, literature, history, and culture in an experience that is supplemented by visits to world-class museums, libraries, and theatres.  Other students travel to Alberta or China to complete internships, or study theatre in Alberta. Still other students serve in short-term cross-cultural environments overseas. You can see the world from your home base at Crandall!

    Highly able classmates

    In university life, academically-able students spur each other on to academic success. At Crandall, entering undergraduates hold a high school graduating average that places Crandall in the top ten of all universities in Canada. A Crandall experience gives you a great opportunity to reach your full potential for success by providing an opportunity for you to rub shoulders with others who have the ability to perform at the highest academic level.

    A private university

    Many of North America’s finest universities are private, not-for-profit institutions including Princeton, Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. Like these other fine schools, Crandall offers a private university education with a focus on small classes, rigorous instruction, excellent faculty, and a highly able peer group.  We are able to offer a private university education at public university prices due to a growing and generous group of committed donors.

    A small university

    You won’t get lost in the crowd at Crandall! We believe that excellence in education is facilitated through small classes and opportunities for formal and informal one-on-one conversations with your professors outside of class.  Crandall’s student to full-time tenured faculty ratio is among the best in Canada. We also believe that friendships grow and are strengthened when you linger over meals in the cafeteria, share late night chats in your residence room, or enjoy causal evening walks with your new friends. It’s easy to make lifelong friends at Crandall, a university where a small community results healthy relationships and where students receive outstanding customer service.

    Championship athletics

    Students at Crandall can try out for men’s and women’s ACAA basketball, soccer, or cross country.  Other competitive sports include men’s and women’s NCBA boxing, and intramural sports open to all such as hockey, volleyball, and more. Additional sports will be added in coming years. Crandall teams have been very competitive in recent years at national and regional championships; featuring nationally ranked teams, and several All-Canadian athletes.

    Excellent facilities

    About 25 years ago Crandall relocated to a brand new 200-acre campus. All of our facilities have been constructed in recent years.  Our buildings are bright, open and welcoming with easy access to the internet. Our state of the art facilities are designed to facilitate not only classroom learning but also provide places for friends to converse, study together, or share a snack or meal together.

    Residence Options

    As a Crandall student you can apply to live in Colburne House’s single or double rooms that are grouped together into pods of four rooms that share a washroom. Other students prefer Mitton Court with its 2, 3, and 4 bedroom fully-furnished apartments. Typically, first and second year undergraduate students live in Colburne House and third and fourth year undergraduate students live in Mitton Court. The Crandall campus is alcohol, smoke, and drug free, including the residences. Accommodations in Colburne House are accompanied with a delicious meal plan and Mitton Court residents can choose between the full meal plan, preparing their own meals, or a combination of both options.

    Work experience

    At Crandall you can apply to work on campus to not only earn funds to help with the cost of your school expenses, but also to gain work experience and a clearer sense of life direction. Some students serve as Resident Assistants, faculty assistants, or provide administrative support in the Rawlyk Library. Other students work in the university bookstore, serve as chapel worship team leaders, provide support to faculty and students as information technology support staff, or provide administrative support for Advancement, Student Services, at athletic events and to various departments within the University.

    Service Learning

    Since we were founded in 1949, service learning has been a central value at Crandall University. We know you want to be a world changer and we want to provide an opportunity for you to grow in your ability to contribute positively to your world during your years at Crandall. All full-time Arts, Business, and Science students can choose where they want to invest two hours per week, starting in their second semester. Most students choose to serve prisoners, senior citizens, babies, children, or teenagers. Many serve through churches or social service agencies in the Greater Moncton area and through their experience acquire the empathy and compassion that allows them to be better employees and volunteers in the years following graduation.

    Alumni success

    Crandall graduates attend premier graduate, theological, medical, law, and other professional schools, including at: Dalhousie, Durham, Harvard, McGill, McMaster, Oxford, Princeton, Queen’s, Texas A & M, University of Alberta, UBC, Ottawa, St. Andrew’s, Toronto, Wales, Warwick, Waterloo, Wake Forest, and many, many others.

    Our alumni are seen as highly ethical leaders and difference-makers both nationally and internationally. Alumni are known for their strong work ethic and their empathy and compassion. Many graduates go on to serve as accountants, business leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, lawyers, medical doctors, ministers, missionaries, not-for-profit leaders, politicians, police officers and security professionals, professors, teachers, and in many other capacities.

    A Great Location

    Crandall University is located in Moncton, New Brunswick, one of the most dynamic and vibrant cities on Canada’s east coast. Moncton is commonly rated as one of the most affordable communities in which to live in Canada, and it is a destination location for many due to its great shopping, many restaurants, fun-filled festivals, and its lively cultural attractions. It is an enriching and safe location to enjoy your university years!

    brucefawcettBecause of my own experience as a Crandall graduate, the University’s President, but more importantly as a Dad, I have often expressed my preference for an educational experience that begins with a small university and is later topped up with a graduate school experience at a larger university. Our undergraduate students essentially receive graduate school-level small class sizes and the kind of attention from tenured professors that they generally would only receive at the master’s level. This intentionally intimate atmosphere, combined with the academic ability of our students that far exceeds that of the national entering class average, ensures that Crandall provides a fabulous foundation not only for work but also for future study!

    Dr. Bruce Fawcett
    BA (Crandall), M.Div. (Gordon Conwell), Th.M. (Harvard), Ph.D. (Wales)