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Crandall University is Eastern Canada’s leading liberal arts university rooted in the Christian faith. Crandall operates under the authority of the Province of New Brunswick, through provincial charter, which grants the University the privilege to offer certificate programs, undergraduate degrees, and graduate degrees.  The University offers degrees in the Arts, Business, Science, Education, and Organizational Management.

In addition to provincial charter, the University maintains partnerships with a variety of other educational institutions to ensure excellence in academics and depth of student formation. These partnerships include:

  • The University of Oxford, Oxford, England: Crandall University is one of only two universities in Canada to have an official undergraduate study abroad affiliation with Oxford. Each winter semester a group of students from Crandall head to Oxford where they are registered as associate students at Regent’s Park College, the University of Oxford. During their time in the UK students explore English literature, theatre, history, and culture.
  • Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia: Crandall students can concurrently complete, within a four-year period, a Bachelor of Theology degree from Acadia University as well as an Arts, Business, or Science degree at Crandall.
  • CCCU Global Ed: Through Crandall University’s affiliation with more than 185 institutions worldwide through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), students may travel internationally to participate in the Los Angeles Film Studies Centre, Middle East Studies Program, Nashville Contemporary Music Centre, Uganda Studies Program, Washington, DC American Studies Program, and more.
  • Rosebud School of the Arts, Rosebud, Alberta: Crandall Communications Arts students, interested in theatre and the performing arts, can spend their third year studying theatre and acting within one of the largest annual outdoor productions in Canada.
  • Anderson University, Anderson, South Carolina: Anderson students may complete a semester abroad experience at Crandall University as they experience the best in Eastern Canadian hospitality and culture.  Additionally, Crandall students may study within programs offered at Anderson, such as Nursing or Correctional Services. http://andersonuniversity.edu/
  • Le Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB), New Brunswick: Crandall University has an articulation agreement with the provincial, public, college system whereby students receive direct entry to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management.

The Crandall University Act, of the Province of New Brunswick, ensures that the University is a self-governing and autonomous academic institution with appropriate governance, administrative oversight, and academic credibility.  Along with its sister institution, the Divinity College of Acadia University, Crandall continues to be owned by the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada which appoints the majority of its Board members. Crandall does, however, serve students from a host of denominational backgrounds, as well as students with no particular religious background. The University’s faculty and staff are drawn from a broad spectrum of denominational affiliations.

New Brunswick Credit Transfer Portal. Highlighting the excellence of a Crandall education, Crandall University is a founding member institution of the NB Credit Transfer Portal, developed by the Provincial Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour. Students can easily identify equivalencies or credit transfers which they may be eligible to receive when applying to transfer to Crandall or from Crandall to another post-secondary institution in New Brunswick. http://portal.catnb.ca/

Crandall University is an affiliate member of the Association of the Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC), 170 member institutions representing personnel from universities, community colleges and CEGEPs of Canada in enrollment, student records, student services, financial aid, student advising and counselling, student financial aid, and student placement.

Crandall University is a full member of the ARUCC regional association, the Atlantic Association of Registrars and Admissions Officers (AARAO), representing the enrollment service professionals of over 40 universities and colleges in Atlantic Canada, as well as coordinating fairs for over 25,000 high-school students.

Crandall University is a founding member of the Council on Articulations and Transfers of New Brunswick (CATNB) Operations Committee (OC) composed of representatives from participating institutions. CATNB promotes the appropriate and effective use of prior learning assessment and recognition to support learners.   The CATNB is a participatory Council of the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (PETL).

Crandall University is an active member of Christian Higher Education Canada (CHEC), an association of approximately 35 Christian universities, Bible Colleges, and Seminaries from across Canada.  In addition, Crandall is a member of the Washington, DC-based Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), an international association of post-secondary institutions who share a similar philosophy and commitment to providing high quality education rooted in the Christian faith.

Crandall is also an active member of the New Brunswick Association of Private Colleges and Universities, an organization designed to strengthen the voice of students within the private post-secondary educational institutions in the province.

On the financial front, Crandall is a member in good standing of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) as a result of adhering to its stringent code of ethics regarding the raising and management of funds.  Crandall’s finances are audited annually by a major accounting firm with the results being presented annually to the Board of Governors as part of the Board’s careful oversight of the university’s financial activities.

Bachelor of Education students working toward their degree at Crandall complete an internship as part of their program. Internships are conducted in partnership with the Anglophone East School District, as well as through partnerships in other locations such as Alberta, and China. Students who graduate from the BEd program are eligible for teacher certification to teach in the New Brunswick, as well as other provincial public school systems in Canada.

Bachelor of Business Administration students who complete the Accounting area of concentration are recognized by CPA Atlantic as having completed the prerequisite equivalencies of the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation pre-certification program.

Crandall’s professors, and academic administrators, hold memberships and actively participate in the organizational and scholarly activities of the leading academic societies in their fields.  Such entities include lead and assisting research grants with the Social Sciences and Humanities research Council (SSHRC), participation in Science Atlantic, TESL Canada, CPA Canada, the Atlantic Schools of Business Conference, the American Academy of Religion, and much more. This includes holding leadership roles, serving as peer reviewers for academic journals, and presenting academic papers at major regional, national, and international conferences.

In the area of varsity athletics, Crandall participates with the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA), the Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association (ACAA), and the National Collegiate Boxing Association (NCBA).

As an active community partner, Crandall University holds membership and participates actively in the Chamber of Commerce, the 3+ regional economic development agency, Junior Achievement, and supports a host of local charitable agencies from food banks through to youth sporting events and leagues. Crandall students and employees contribute to their community through service in local schools, prisons, nursing homes, summer camps, hospitals, churches, immigration support groups, service clubs like Rotary, and street-level non-profit agencies designed to serve those who are marginalized and in need of support.

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