Dr. Alan Chan Cowrites study on Canada Summer Jobs Program

Dr. Alan Chan Cowrites study on Canada Summer Jobs Program

This summer, Dr. Alan Chan of Crandall’s Business Administration department co-authored a study with Dr. David Murrell from the University of New Brunswick, looking at the Canada Summer Jobs Program and the way that funds are distributed to support student employment in different regions of the country.

From the paper’s abstract:

The Canada Summer Jobs Program is the federal government’s primary initiative for subsidizing work for the student-age population during off months at educational institutions. Recently, the program has come under scrutiny for Ottawa’s decision to impose a values test on recipient organizations, bringing the program unprecedented public attention.

This paper reviews the national jobs program through a different lens: regional equity. Even though the program is set up as a “people prosperity” initiative instead of a “place prosperity” initiative, there are significant disparities among regions and provinces when it comes to federal job subsidies.

Read the complete study on AIMS.ca

2019 Orientation Kicks off new Academic Year

Orientation week is an important part of the university experience for new students. Arriving on campus to a whole new reality, and it can take some time to get your feet under you if you have to go it alone. That’s where Orientation shines. Staff, faculty, and other students all work together to welcome new students to campus, helping them get situated in their dorm rooms, classrooms, and other facilities, find the Registrar’s Office (and learn what a registrar is, while they’re at it), and get connected to all the people and places that make campus unique.

Move In Day

The day that students move into their dorm rooms is key for students and parents alike. Parents like to know that their students will feel safe and secure on campus, and our team of RAs (Residence Assistants) work alongside our Campus Life department to ensure a smooth transition to life away from home for new students


There’s always a lot of new information to impart to students during the first week, and orientation makes it easy to get those details to all of the new students. We were delighted to have Moncton‘s Mayor Dawn Arnold welcome our new students this year, declaring that, no matter where they might be from, they’re all Monctonians while they’re living here! New students also received a welcome from Crandall’s President & Vice Chancellor, Dr. Bruce Fawcett, and heard from a number of other key staff members to help get them acquainted with some of the services they can take advantage of in their studies.

Getting to know campus

Members of Crandall’s student association (CSA) and other returning students showed the new students around campus, and highlighted some of the festivities that were planned for the week – the CSA work tirelessly throughout the year to plan events for the student body, and Welcome Week is a huge part of that. This year, the CSA unveiled a new café space in the Student Centre – it’s a great place to grab a cup of coffee or a snack, or just to enjoy the company of some newly made friends on campus!

Fun & Games

Orientation isn’t all information and settling in, though! There’s lots of fun to be had as new friendships are made, and the CSA put together a whole week of fun activities to help students get to know one another and and fun together. Communities are built on shared experiences, and everyone has the opportunity to take part!

Classes begin

Students also have the opportunity to meet professors and fellow students within their majors during the week, along with their very first classes of the semester. As the fall schedule gets underway, faculty are always keen to meet the new students and while some first year classes can be a little bit larger, you’ll find that their professors care about the success of every one of their students.

University Chapel

As a Christian university, our Chapel program is a key feature of the culture on campus, and our Dean of the Chapel, Tim Milner, takes great care in managing the Chapel and caring for students’ spiritual well-being. Chapel services happen every weekday on campus, with options ranging from praise and worship to small group studies (many of which are led by faculty and staff), with multiple ways for students to engage with and develop in their faith.

New year, new opportunities

Each new year brings with it new opportunities to learn and grow, and for students at Crandall, there is a whole community around them to provide care and support as they study, work, play, and grow.

Welcome to a new year.

Crandall University is Atlantic Canada’s leading Liberal Arts University rooted in the Christian Faith, serving domestic and international students with undergraduate programs in Arts, Business Administration, Science, and Education, and graduate programs in Education and Organizational Management. To learn more, visit crandallu.ca or call 1‑888-968-6228.

Crandall Welcomes New Psychology Prof.

Jordan Schriver, PsychologyCrandall University is pleased to welcome Jordan Schriver to the full-time faculty in the Psychology Department. Professor Schriver anticipates completing his PhD studies at the University of New Brunswick within the next year. His area of expertise and interest is in social psychology with a particular interest in altruism and culture. Jordan is the son of long-serving Crandall University chemistry professor, Dr. Mel Schriver.

Crandall University is Atlantic Canada’s leading Liberal Arts University rooted in the Christian Faith, serving domestic and international students with undergraduate programs in Arts, Business Administration, Science, and Education, and graduate programs in Education and Organizational Management. To learn more, visit crandallu.ca or call 1‑888-968-6228.

Packing for ClayStone – A Different School Supply List

On August 30th, students in Crandall University’s ClayStone Certificate will gather for a year of Transformation: Heart, Mind and Body. Unlike most university students, these have a much more diverse packing list! In addition to the textbooks and school supplies – ClayStone is a full year of university after all – many other exciting items are needed!

LOTS of Outdoor Gear:

  • ClayStone students need to come with two backpacks – one large enough to take everything needed for 5 days on the Fundy Footpath, and a smaller one for shorter trips.
  • Also, for the outdoor adventures, they need to bring a warm and compact sleeping bag, headlamp, pocket knife (not recommended for most university programs!), water bottles, bowl and spoon, along with a few dry bags and stuff sacks to put everything in for adventures like canoeing and sea kayaking!

Unusual University Clothing:

  • In ClayStone, it isn’t the brand that matters – more importantly is how warm it will keep you! No jeans here -students need to arrive with all sorts of outdoor clothing made from synthetic materials or wool. This includes base layers, mid layers, and outer layers to keep out the wind and rain.
  • For head, hands, and feet – Hats for both sun and cold are definitely required, and feet need really solid hiking boots, plenty of wool-blend socks, water shoes, and optional rock-climbing shoes. Students need to remember warm mittens for winter camping, and thin gloves for other activities.
  • Swim suits are a must for both fall adventures, and especially for the Dominican Republic mission trip. Also, sunglasses, beach towel, shorts and t-shirts.
  • Other things needed for winter are a second sleeping bag (you want to double them up in February!), winter jacket, ski pants, snow boots, snowshoes, neck-warmer, and don’t forget the long undies!

And of Course:

  • Bible, notebook and pen – these go with the students everywhere, since beyond the challenging outdoor fun, new relationships, heart-changing mission, and solid university courses, discipleship is what ClayStone is all about.

That’s the list! When students arrive with these things, and a desire to grow and learn, they are set for Transformation: Heart, Mind and Body!

*Limited space still available for September 2019. Learn more about ClayStone

Crandall University is Atlantic Canada’s leading Liberal Arts University rooted in the Christian Faith, serving domestic and international students with undergraduate programs in Arts, Business Administration, Science, and Education, and graduate programs in Education and Organizational Management. To learn more, visit crandallu.ca or call 1‑888-968-6228.

Bachelor of Theology Students Serve in Cuba

The first-year Crandall-Acadia Theology students had a great trip to Cuba this year! While there, our team stayed at two camps which are owned and run by the Fraternity of Baptist Churches in Cuba (FIBAC), a partner with Canadian Baptist Ministries. We helped transform an overgrown bamboo patch into an outdoor chapel and participated in farm and construction work, as well as children and youth ministry. Participating in a variety of activities at several locations gave the team the opportunity to work with and hear from various people along the way about different facets of work, ministry, and life in Cuba. We were grateful for this broad exposure to that corner of the globe.  

At every stop that we made, we were challenged by people that we met and the faith and resilience that they exemplified. Due to the national laws during her early years as a student, Mariadela, for example, had to choose between a promising career as a doctor or chemist and her faith in Christ. She left school and moved with her husband, Antonio, to what is now the Molino Verde camp on the outskirts of Havana. The two of them have spent the last several decades overseeing the task of transforming what was a rundown and overgrown plot of buildings into the beautiful grounds that we had the privilege of enjoying. Over the years, the camp has been a tool for FIBAC and for outreach, and it accommodated a FIBAC pastors’ conference while we were there. Mariadela and Antonio provided a powerful reminder to us of the richness in sacrifice for Christ.

It has been encouraging to be reminded of God’s hand on the nations, to see how he has been appointing people and places in Cuba for his work through his Church, and to be a part of it for two weeks. I’m sure I speak for the team when I say that we are excited about the fresh perspective that we have gained on missions and service and look forward to the ways that God will allow us to put it to use here at home. Dios es Bueno! What a good God we serve!

Learn more about the Crandall-Acadia Bachelor of Theology Partnership

2019 Cuba group photo 2019 Cuba Team leading worship

Crandall University is Atlantic Canada’s leading Liberal Arts University rooted in the Christian Faith, serving domestic and international students with undergraduate programs in Arts, Business Administration, Science, and Education, and graduate programs in Education and Organizational Management. To learn more, visit crandallu.ca or call 1‑888-968-6228.

Crandall Golf Classic raises more than $24,000 for Chargers Athletics

Moncton – It was a beautiful day at Royal Oaks Golf Club for the 15th annual Crandall University Golf Classic. 25 teams took part in the tournament this year, which raises money for Chargers Athletics scholarships and programs.

The winning team for this year’s tournament was MCW Maricor.

2019 Tournament Winners: MCW Maricor

2019 Crandall University Golf Classic winners, from MCW Maricor: Malcolm MacLellan, Rick Howatt, Scott Shreenan, and Marc Melanson

Thank you to all the players who joined us this year, as well as to all of our sponsors who made the day possible!

In total, the 2019 Crandall University Golf Classic raised $24,535 for Chargers Athletics! These funds will go to the Alumni and Friends Athletics Scholarship Fund that helps provide scholarships for student athletes, and to enhance and grow Crandall’s athletic programs by enabling teams to travel, and to purchase needed sports equipment for Crandall’s facilities.

2019 Golf Classic total raised

Crandall President Dr. Bruce Fawcett and Director of Athletics and Recreation Jim Druart presenting the total amount raised at the 2019 Crandall University Golf Classic: $24,535

Chargers Events to watch for

This year, Chargers fans will want to mark some events on their calendars:

  • Chargers Soccer will have their Home Opener on Saturday, September 14, 2019 against UNB Saint John
  • Chargers Boxing will be hosting a tournament on the Crandall campus on Saturday, October 5, 2019
  • Chargers Basketball’s Home Opener will be Sunday, November 3, 2019 against University of King’s College
  • The brand new Chargers Volleyball team will have their Home Opener on Sunday, November 3, 2019 against Dalhousie University’s Agricultural Campus

Golf Classic Teams

Luminos Team Spring Tour 2019

We’re from Crandall University and our name is Luminos. Luminos is Latin for light and that’s how we want to be in our worship – full of light and energy.” Layton MacCabe, a member of the tour team, would come to say this many times when introducing the band over the course of the two-and-a-half weeks spent on the road.

This band was made up of a few of Crandall’s very talented Worship Arts Minor students – Samantha Anderson, Benjamin Dunnett, Braxton Dearman, Layton MacCabe, and Cassidy Steeves – as well as the Dean of the Chapel, Tim Milner and Admissions Counsellor, Angela MacKinnon. The Luminos tour, while being a great opportunity to develop talents as well as promote Crandall University, has been bringing light to students, staff, and other worshippers since 2016.

Having been on all three Luminos tours since April of 2016, Angela MacKinnon can personally attest to what an amazing bonding experience, growth experience, and privilege it is to be a part of the tour. By following those on the road on Facebook or Instagram, it may seem that the tour is simply a fun trip for students, travelling to new places, having fun adventures, and experiencing mishaps along the way. However, the time spent traveling is one of much musical and spiritual growth. These things are accomplished through the scripture shared, testimonies given, and music played in the varying settings the Luminos team is able to lead worship in.

On this particular tour, the team visited Christian schools in Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Ontario. As with previous tours, this was a great opportunity for Worship Arts Minor students to be able to put the tools they have been given into practice in various worship settings. The team was also able to take the opportunity to share a little bit about Crandall and its programs at each stop along the tour.

“It was a blessing to be able to see these students develop more and more confidence in their voices, instruments, and words of testimony as the tour went on,” says Angela MacKinnon, who was also one of the first graduates of the Worship Arts Minor program. “I am so excited to see them take their giftings to their local churches and become the next generation of leaders in worship.”  

Matthew 5:14-16 says, “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”

Learn more about the Worship Arts Minor

Angela Pattison

Angela Pattison is a member of the Crandall University Admissions Team, a Crandall grad, and a gifted musician.

Crandall University is Atlantic Canada’s leading Liberal Arts University rooted in the Christian Faith, serving domestic and international students with undergraduate programs in Arts, Business Administration, Science, and Education, and graduate programs in Education and Organizational Management. To learn more, visit crandallu.ca or call 1‑888-968-6228.

2019 Distinguished Alumni Award Presented

On the eve of Convocation, alumni and friends of Crandall University gather for a banquet – an annual affair held to recognize outstanding alumni who have lived their lives as excellent representatives of Crandall in the world. This is the evening of the presentation of the Distinguished Alumni Award.

The Distinguished Alumni Award celebrates the contributions Crandall alumni make to their communities and professions. It recognizes truly outstanding accomplishments of Crandall’s alumni in their personal and professional lives. Each year’s recipient(s) are selected from nominations received from the alumni community.

For 2019, the recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Award are Rev. Dr. Darrell and Mrs. Laura Lee Bustin.

2019 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Left to right: Crandall President Dr. Bruce Fawcett, Distiguished Alumni Award Recipients Rev. Dr. Darrell and Mrs. Laura Lee Bustin, and Crandall Chancellor Mr. Donald Simmonds


Rev. Dr. Darrell and Mrs. Laura Lee Bustin

Darrell Bustin, the third child of Don and Peggy Bustin, was born and raised in Moncton, New Brunswick. He grew up attending Moncton area schools, graduating from Moncton High School in 1985. He and his family attended Highfield Baptist Church. He earned his Bachelor of Arts (Biblical Literature) from Atlantic Baptist College in 1989. While a student, Darrell was heavily involved in various areas of student life, including serving a term as President of the Student Association and singing on several student ministry teams.

While at ABC, he met his wife Laura Lee (Crummey) who was originally from Pugwash, Nova Scotia, the first child of Don and Penny Crummey. She entered Atlantic Baptist College in 1983 following her grade 11 year. Like Darrell, she earned a Bachelor of Arts (Music) from Atlantic Baptist College, graduating in 1987. She was active in her student days as a Resident Assistant and in student ministry teams. They were married in 1988.

Upon completion of undergraduate studies, Darrell and Laura Lee moved to Massachusetts where Darrell earned his Master of Divinity from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. While studying at GCTS, they ministered at East Baptist in Lynn, Massachusetts. After graduation, they moved to New Zealand for one year where Darrell completed a Certificate in Theological Studies from Auckland Consortium of Theological Education. In 1994 they came back to the Maritimes where Darrell served at Hillside Baptist Church as Associate Pastor for eight years. After attending CBM’s Conference on Overseas Ministries in January 2002, Darrell and Laura Lee felt that God was saying “now is the time” to move toward fulfilling the call to overseas ministry that both have felt since childhood.

The Bustins joined the Global Field Staff of CBM in 2002 to teach at the Kalimantan Theological Seminary in Pontianak, Indonesia, where they helped to train and mentor future leaders for the local church. They moved to Rwanda in August 2012 to work with CBM’s church partner, the Association of Baptist Churches of Rwanda.

Darrell’s primary focus is in pastoral training and church leadership development. He works both with pastors, as well as those studying to be pastors and church leaders. Laura Lee is responsible for overseeing the administrative details for the short-term mission teams that come to Rwanda. Since serving in Rwanda, Darrell has earned his Doctor of Ministry from Gordon Conwell in the area of preaching.

The Bustins have two children, Bronwyn, a double graduate of Crandall University, and Caleb who is a current student at Crandall University.

Given to honour alumni for outstanding accomplishments, devoted service, and loyalty to Crandall University, this Distinguished Alumni Award is presented this 3rd day of May 2019 to Rev. Dr. Darrell and Mrs. Laura Lee Bustin.

If you know a Crandall alum who is deserving of this award and would like to nominate them, please contact Alumni Relations to learn how.

Crandall Welcomes New Director of Athletics and Recreation

Jim Druart, Director of Athletics and RecreationMoncton: After a careful review of a number of qualified applicants, Crandall University is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. James (Jim) Druart as the new Director of Athletics and Recreation.

Jim comes to Crandall as a former high-performance athlete as well as a coach and sports club director. He has experience both as a coach and as an administrator, having previously volunteered with the Moncton Roofers and Fuzion Volleyball clubs, working to bring them from 48 athletes and 4 teams, who operated independently, to over 175 athletes and 18 teams working together under one banner towards a common goal.

“My goal is to bring long-term stability to Chargers Athletics as we continue to strive for excellence in our program,” says Jim. “As a former high performance athlete, coach and administrator, I understand the challenges and expectations our athletes and coaches face. My job is to put the foundation in place so that they can reach, and exceed, their goals. I am excited about the possibilities that are in front of us and believe we have a great coaching staff in place to continue our growth and take us to the next level.”

Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jim graduated from Eastern Nazarene College in 1993, is married to Crandall (ABC) alum Loralee Landers (class of ’88), and they have three children: Annie, Eliza, and Ethan. For the last 18 years he has worked in the IT field as a web developer and technical writer, and has coached volleyball for the last 10 years.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, Crandall launched the Seth Crowell Invitational Basketball tournament, hosted the ACAA Basketball Championships, sent our Boxing team to compete at West Point, and announced our intention to add Women’s Volleyball to our athletic programs. Even as the season has wound down, work begins in preparation for the fall.

“I believe in the power of sport to build community and enhance school pride,” says Jim. “I will work to create an atmosphere where athletes and coaches are fully engaged in the pursuit of spiritual, academic and athletic excellence.”

Welcome to Crandall, Jim!

Crandall Chargers Athletics is a proud member of the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA), the Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association (ACAA), Boxing New Brunswick, the National Collegiate Boxing Association, and features varsity level men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s soccer, co-ed cross-country, boxing, and intends to offer women’s volleyball this fall. For more information on Chargers Athletics, visit crandallchargers.ca or email mailto:athletics@crandallu.ca.

Crandall University is Atlantic Canada’s leading Liberal Arts University rooted in the Christian Faith, serving domestic and international students with undergraduate programs in Arts, Business Administration, Science, and Education, and graduate programs in Education and Organizational Management. To learn more, visit crandallu.ca or call 1‑888-968-6228.

2019 Leadership Award Recipients

Moncton, NB: On Saturday, May 4, 2019 Crandall University will hold Convocation ceremonies for the students graduating from programs in the 2018-2019 academic year. More than 160 students will be presented with degrees, certificates, and awards, with friends, family, and political representatives in attendance to witness the ceremonies.

A tradition since 1987, the Convocation ceremonies will also include the presentation of the Crandall University Leadership Award. The Leadership Award is designed to honour those who model exemplary Christian commitment and leadership within various sectors of the community. For 2019, the Award will be presented at each of Crandall’s two Convocation ceremonies, to be followed by a Convocation address from the recipients.

This year’s recipients come from different backgrounds, different regions, and different professions, but both demonstrate passionate leadership and the desire to better the world around them through their Christian service.

The recipients of the 2019 Leadership Award are:

9:30am – Education and Organizational Management Ceremony
Edward M. Barrett, B.A., M.P.A.

Mr. Ed BarrettMr. Ed Barrett, of Carleton County, New Brunswick, is co-CEO of Barrett Corporation, a North American investment and management company. He is CEO of Barrett Diversified Inc., which operates wholesale distribution companies in Canada and the US, and is co-founder, significant shareholder, and serves on the Board of Xplornet Communications, a leading broadband and communications company in Canada.

He graduated with a BA from Acadia University in 1975 and received a MPA from Dalhousie University in 1977. After spending the next two years in Ottawa working in public service, he answered a call to entrepreneurship and returned to New Brunswick, where he has spent the intervening years.

Feeling called to serve at the intersection of business and public service, Mr. Barrett serves as Chairman of NB Power, he is on the Board of Wajax Industries, a public company traded on the TSX which is a leading mobile equipment and industrial supplies company in Canada, two private companies based out of New Brunswick, Atlantic Industries, Apex Industries, and he is Past Chair of the Board of Governors at Crandall University.

Mr. Barrett also serves on the Board of Directors for Nav Canada, a private sector, non-share capital corporation that owns and operates Canada’s civil air navigation service (ANS), and for Medavie Blue Cross, a not-for-profit health services partner for individuals, employers and governments across Canada.

While he has developed a concern for the public good as well as sensible business practices, Mr. Barrett’s ultimate definition for a life well-lived comes from his faith walk. Throughout his life, studies, and work, he has stayed connected to local churches, and has sought to live his faith out through all of his endeavours, leading by example in his family, his work, and his life.

Mr. Barrett and his wife Melissa live in Woodstock, New Brunswick. They have two adult daughters, Karen and Correen (Class of 2008), and two grandchildren.

2:00pm – Arts, Business Administration, and Science Ceremony
Harry G. Gardner, B.A., M.Div., D.Min.

Dr. Harry G. Gardner, a native of the south shore of Nova Scotia, graduated from Dalhousie University (BA 1974), Acadia Divinity College (MDiv 1977) and from Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California (DMin 1993). He has served as the minister of the Burlington-Victoria Harbour, Wilmot, and Liverpool-Brooklyn United Baptist Churches.

In 1986 he began work with the Home Mission Board of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada and in 1989, became the Director of Home Missions and Church Planting. He served for eleven years as the Convention’s Executive Minister prior to serving at Acadia. In this role he was a member of the Boards of Acadia Divinity College and Crandall University. He has had a keen interest in addressing issues of racism, promoting integral mission as well as international relief and development.

In 2007, he was the President of the North American Baptist Fellowship, and between 2010 and 2015, he was one of twelve Vice Presidents of the Baptist World Alliance. He served a six-year term (2012-2018) on the Board of Commissioners, Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada. In 2016, he was elected as the Board Chair for a two-year term.

He has served as President of Acadia Divinity College and Dean of Theology of Acadia University since January 2008, and is retiring in 2019.

He and his wife, Gail, reside in Kentville, Nova Scotia. Their family includes two married children and four grandchildren. Personal interests include fun times with the grandchildren, travel, and music.

Dr. Gardner sits in the Abner J. Langley and Harold L. Mitton Chair of Church Leadership and teaches in the area of pastoral ministry, leadership, and spiritual disciplines.

Crandall University is Atlantic Canada’s leading Liberal Arts University rooted in the Christian Faith, with undergraduate programs in Arts, Business Administration, Science, and Education, and graduate programs in Education and Organizational Management. To learn more, visit crandallu.ca or call 1‑888-968-6228.