Worship Arts Director Releases New Album

April 5, 2024

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Worship Arts Director Releases New Album

Moncton – Crandall’s Worship Arts Director, Matt Brouwer, has released a brand new EP. Titled ‘Best Days Ahead,’ the EP released on Friday, April 5,2024 across all streaming platforms. The album was co-produced by Brouwer and Crandall alumni Jeff Somers (’00) and Ron Scott (’14).

Of the five-song project Matt says: “The idea for these songs came about a few years ago while my family and I were still living in Texas. Someone I had gone to college with started a facebook group celebrating our 20 year reunion. This was during COVID and so over 600 people were eager to connect and began to share old photos and memories and eventually deeper life experiences.

“It was really cool to catch up with old friends and former classmates in this way, but it was also sobering as it became clear that for so many, life may not have turned out exactly as we would have hoped or planned. There were a surprising amount of posts about walking away from faith in God altogether. One thing that seemed to stand out was how we all felt about a weekly worship night we started called Monday Night Worship, (very similar to Grounded here at Crandall). Something profound happened in all of us during those gatherings that was deeply felt even if it was difficult to explain.

“Back in college I started writing worship songs when I was a part of those weekly services and now, 20 years later, I started to think about what I would write about now. How had the years changed how we might express things? I kept feeling this sense of optimism even for those sad stories I had read and even experienced myself, a sense that God works in ways we don’t understand and nothing is wasted.

“Fast forward a few years and my family and I made a major move back to Canada, and quite unexpectedly, I found myself working at Crandall University as Worship Arts Director. Being back in a college setting made me feel so much common ground with the transformational experience I had as a student to now working with and observing a whole new generation of students hungry to know God more and eager to express their hearts in praise to the Lord. Twenty plus years ago it changed my life and so many of my fellow students.

“These new songs are an invitation to remember the up and down mess our lives can be, to see the good, the bad, the ugly as all part of the story our lives are telling. The good news and the hope that our ‘best days are ahead’ is that no matter how broken or triumphant each chapter may be, all of our lives are telling the bigger story of God’s love for us, and no matter where you find yourself at any given moment, the story’s not over and nothing is wasted. Our fears and doubts find safe harbour to exist alongside our faith and courage, and everyone is welcome.”

Learn more about Matt Brouwer and his music on his website.

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