Frederick Agbozo – Alumni Success Story

February 16, 2024

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Frederick Agbozo – Alumni Success Story

Throughout the year, we feature Crandall alumni by sharing their stories. Alumni Success Stories usually check in with an alum who’s been away from Crandall for a while. These stories highlight some major milestones in the lives of alumni after leaving Crandall and give space for them to talk about how their time at Crandall influenced their lives during and after their studies.

Today’s Alumni Success Story features Frederick Agbozo, who graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

Frederick Agbozo

BSc in Biology, Class of ’16

I graduated from Crandall with a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2016. After graduating, like so many graduates often find, I found it difficult to decide what my next move was going to be. With the help of many extensive conversations with faculty members like Dr. Zhan Yang, Dr. Mel Schriver, and Dr. Abram Steen, I decided to pursue a degree in nursing at the UNB Moncton campus. After two more years of hard work, I graduated with my second degree in 2018 and I am now a registered nurse at the Moncton Hospital. Although my home base is Moncton, I am currently on the move all across the country as a travel nurse. Before I began my travels, however, I was blessed to have met my fiancé at the hospital and, by God’s grace, we plan to get married in September of 2024.

I am an outdoor person who likes to hike, kayak, skate and ski. Since graduating, I have overcome one of my fears in life: swimming. Growing up in Ghana, my mom always kept us away from pools because of her fear of them. However, when Istarted traveling all around Canada for work, I decided it was time to learn how to swim. Using today’s technology, I took to YouTube to begin conquering this fear. By watching how to videos and practicing in hotel swimming pools on my days off, I learned how to swim in no time.

For me, attending Crandall was extremely impactful on the rest of my life because my time at Crandall grounded me in my faith and relationship with God. As a nurse, I want to do my job in such a way that people see Christ in my life.

In reflecting upon the community at Crandall, I realised that even though the professors at Crandall made sure their students worked hard, they were always ready to lend support whenever it was needed. For me, this open-door policy that my professors’had played a crucial role in the success of my studies and my quick acculturation to Canada. For example, Abram and his wife Melissa helped me settle into Moncton by having me over during the holidays and even assisted me when I was looking into getting a job at the pet store. I am also grateful for the staff and want to thank everyone from the administrative office to the maintenance crew to the athletic coaches for their impact on my life during my time at Crandall.

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