2023 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

May 17, 2023

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2023 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

The Crandall University Distinguished Alumni Award (DAA) banquet is an annual event which is held to recognize outstanding alumni who have lived their lives as excellent representatives of Crandall in the world. Each year’s recipient(s) are selected from nominations received from the alumni community and approved by the University Senate.

This year, Distinguished Alumni Awards were presented on Friday May 5, 2023 to recipients Rev. Dr. Stephen McMullin (’76) and Rev. Gordon MacLeod (’77).

Rev. Dr. Stephen McMullin (’76)

Stephen McMullin, who grew up in the Woodstock, NB, was familiar with Atlantic Baptist College (ABC) through Woodstock Baptist Church, which had close ties to the college. Being raised in this church, Stephen had already been considering ABC for post-secondary education, but his decision was solidified after the college principal, Dr. Stuart Murray brought a gospel team to Woodstock High School in Stephen’s grade 12 year.

During his year in the ABC Arts program, Steve learned how important it was to integrate faith with all different areas of life. “As classes began with prayer it meant that I was thinking ‘how does English, sociology, philosophy, and math relate to my Christian life?’” Steve shared. Another thing that was important to Steve during his year at ABC was his involvement in the chorale, a group that would travel to churches to sing and give testimonies. Through this experience, Steve learned a lot about different churches around Atlantic Canada, which helped to inform him throughout his life as he became a pastor and then a Professor at Acadia Divinity College.

Steve and his wife Rosalie have been married for 43 years. They have two children, one of whom graduated from Crandall with her Master of Education. Looking back on his life, Steve recognizes the impact that ABC has had on him. “As I think about my Christian faith, I think back to some significant times when I’ve had to make some decisions about moving to the next stage, and I think my decision to come to ABC was one of those times. My time here made me think more deeply about my faith than I had thought before… Through the years Crandall has continued to be a part of my life. I think of the ways in which I’ve been impacted by other people who have been students, leaders, and teachers here at Crandall,” shared Steve.

Rev. Gordon MacLeod (’77)

Gordon MacLeod grew up in North Sydney on Cape Breton Island, NS, and heard of ABC through his home church. Although he wanted to go to Dalhousie University to study Marine Biology, Gordon was encouraged by his parents, who thought that attending ABC first was a smarter move. 

Gord enrolled in the required arts and bible courses and expected to be at ABC for one year before moving on to Dalhousie. However, he ended up staying at ABC for three years in total. During his three years, Gord met some special people who became big influences in his life, including Chemistry Professor George Turner who pushed him to achieve greater things, English Professor Peter Henderson, whose office was always open to encourage him to keep going and to offer advice, Ramona (Wagner) Mitchell, who filled him with turkey sandwiches and coffee when she heard that he was neglecting his health to cram for his final exams, and Dr. Ralph Richardson, who was a professor but became a long-time friend.

Gord met his wife Rosalie during his time at ABC and they have been married for 45 years and have three wonderful children, all of whom attended Crandall. Reflecting on his life, Gord can see how God had a hand in his choices. “God’s sovereignty is the story. He reached into the darkness and pulled me into the light many years ago in Cape Breton. He brought me to ABC, and he spoke so clearly to me about becoming a pastor.” When Gord was asked what made the biggest impact on him during his time at ABC he shared: “People. People who were used by God to change my life into something He could use, and He did.”

If you know a Crandall alum who is deserving of this award and would like to nominate them, please contact Alumni Relations to learn how.

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