Board Approves Retaining Independent Investigator

April 14, 2023

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Board Approves Retaining Independent Investigator

Dear Students, Staff, and Faculty,

Last week, an anonymous posting on social media indicated that some Crandall students have concerns regarding sexual harassment at the University by employees. We thank our students, present and past, for sharing their concerns with us. Like our students and alumni, our goal is to ensure that Crandall University does all it can to protect students from any kind of harassment or inappropriate behaviour.

Therefore, we are writing to let you know that earlier this evening the Board of Governors of the University voted to approve retaining a qualified independent investigator to examine the claims of students that they have recently been the victim of sexual harassment at Crandall. This approach and decision was made in light of the expressed concerns of some students that they did not have confidence in the current Harassment Policy which appears in the Student Handbook, the Faculty Handbook, and the Staff Handbook.

Students who have shared stories of victimization on Instagram have been invited via their Instagram account to participate in the process by suggesting a name of an independent, experienced, and highly trained investigator, for consideration by the Board, given that a previously suggested ministry has not replied to a contact from Crandall sent several days ago. To address student concerns quickly, the Board envisions that an investigator will be appointed by Tuesday of the coming week.

At its meeting, the Board also affirmed the previously existing process of reviewing the current policy by President’s Council, and encouraged the senior administration to seek student input in the coming weeks.

Again, we thank our students and alumni for their interest, concerns, and positive engagement to help bring about appropriate and positive change to the Crandall community.

Ms. Sheila Cummings
Chair, Board of Governors

Mr. Douglas Schofield
Vice Chair, Board of Governors

Dr. Bruce Fawcett
President and Vice Chancellor

P.S. Students are always invited to contact the Office of the President to initiate a conversation with the goal of resolving concerns and more broadly putting in place a process such that Crandall policies and procedures are fully updated with the latest approaches to student concerns.

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