Judson Hescock – Alumni Success Story

December 13, 2022

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Judson Hescock – Alumni Success Story

Judson Hescock

Bachelor of Arts in History (Honours), Class of 2011

I grew up in a small town near Middlebury, Vermont, USA. Attending Crandall was not a typical path for anyone from my high school or even for anyone from the United States at the time.  By random happenstance, I met with admissions counselor Craig MacDonald at my house in Vermont and I was impressed with the offerings at Crandall and I quickly enrolled. My goals at the time were to further my education within the framework of faith, obtain a degree without incurring a mountain of debt, and hopefully to attend law school after my undergraduate work. Over my four years at Crandall, I was able to achieve those goals due to the guidance and support of committed faculty, caring staff and the lifelong friends I made at Crandall.

After graduating from Crandall in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in history (honours), I was accepted and enrolled at the University of New Hampshire School of Law in Concord, New Hampshire, USA. The writing and analytical skills I was taught at Crandall proved essential as I developed my legal skills in law school. I graduated law school in 2014, and after passing the Vermont bar exam, I became licensed to practice law in Vermont. In 2015, I landed a job with a local law firm in my hometown of Middlebury, Vermont. In my law practice, I focus primarily on residential and commercial real estate transactions, land use, business sales, and I assist my clients with crafting their Wills and trusts and other estate planning matters. In 2016, I was blessed to marry Chelsea, the love of my life, and we have been blessed with two sons, Walden, age 3 and Camden, age 3 months.

I love working as a Vermont country lawyer. My work as an attorney encompasses the technical aspects of the law, but also includes meeting interesting people, and applying the law to assist real people with real life challenges. What I love most about my job is that I get to help people every day and often I am privileged to help my clients with some of the most delicate and important matters in their lives.

In reflecting back at my time at Crandall, I can say confidently that my four years at Crandall were instrumental in forming my personal values and still inform aspects of how I approach my law practice today.  Besides the strong academic instruction at Crandall, what I remember most was the care, commitment, and selflessness of so many during my time as a student. I remember food services manager Kathy Briggs who would brave the fiercest snow storms to always ensure a delicious meal was provided to us on-campus students.  Kathy even would go so far as to cook a thanksgiving dinner for Canadian and American Thanksgiving just so we American students would feel welcome. I remember Dr. Dan Goodwin encouraging my law school aspirations, challenging and shaping my worldview, modeling volunteerism, and going above and beyond (even making me tea on occasion) in his work as my thesis advisor.  I remember so many of my classmates and friends who were role models in their service to those in need and how they genuinely cared about those around them.

Above all else, my interactions with the caring and selfless character of so many at Crandall continues to inspire me to be a better lawyer, husband and father. I am forever grateful for my time at Crandall.

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