Sarah MacDonald – Alumni Success Story

October 12, 2022

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Sarah MacDonald – Alumni Success Story

Sarah (Wiseman) MacDonald

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies,
Class of 2010

In the fall of 2006, I made my way to the gym for orientation at Crandall University, then called ABU. I was completely unsure of where the next four years were going to take me. I had chosen to study at Crandall for two main reasons: I could stay home and save money, and a few of my close friends were attending the university as well. It was only as my degree went on that I realized how fortunate I was to have landed at Crandall, and now that I have graduated, I am so grateful that I chose to do my undergraduate degree there.

My relationship with God grew immensely at Crandall. Coming from a background of church camps, youth groups, and two services every Sunday, I greatly valued being able to attend chapel and it quickly became the most important part of my day and week. It was a very interesting experience to have faith intertwined with my education, it provided me with the opportunity to discuss my outlook on life with people who shared my opinions but also challenged my thinking, which only made my faith stronger.

When I started at Crandall, I was working towards a degree in Psychology. However, I soon realized that the Business and Communication program commanded my attention much more than Psychology. From there I latched onto every communication and business class I could enroll in and soaked up as much information as possible. Since I had diversified my course portfolio so much between the two programs, Sheldon MacLeod (registrar at the time) informed me that I was making progress on an “Interdisciplinary Studies” degree.  I was so thankful that there was a degree that allowed me to explore both avenues and I knew the mix of courses I was taking would benefit me greatly.

I can confidently say that what I learned at Crandall directly applies to my role today as the General Manager of the Amsterdam Inn & Suites in Moncton, which is, funnily enough, where I was working part-time while studying at Crandall. The courses, professors, and friendships I made along the way all shaped my worldview and prepared me for the next step after graduation.

I always feel nostalgic when I drive by the campus on Gorge Road. Crandall has shaped my life in many profound ways. I am still friends with many of my former classmates and professors and I even met the man I now call my husband at ABU (even though our paths did not cross again until several years later – the Lord’s timing is always right). My hope and prayer would be for past, current, and future students who read my story to remember that God has a plan for your life. You may not have it all figured out, but just take life one day at a time and seek the Lord every step of the way.

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