Featured Program: Religious Studies

June 3, 2022

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Featured Program: Religious Studies

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Religious Studies at Crandall

There are two majors available in the Religious Studies department at Crandall: Biblical Studies and Religious Studies. In Biblical Studies, students learn how to interpret the Bible properly and develop an understanding of the original languages in which it was written (Hebrew and Greek). Biblical Studies majors dig deeply into the Bible’s historical context and learn how to apply its teaching to today’s key challenges. In Religious Studies, students learn how to understand Christianity within a global context and connect with the world’s religions and the wide range of approaches typical of the academic study of religion.

Our Biblical and Religious Studies professors have extensive experience as scholars, teachers, and pastors, and welcome students into the study of Christianity and world religions, where hard questions can be asked and reliable, academic answers given. Some key courses include Themes of the Bible, Israelite Prophecy, The Christian Way, God and Evil, and Introduction to World Religions.

Outcomes and Careers

Crandall’s Religious Studies program trains students to thoroughly interpret texts, rituals, and communities. RS students acquire phenomenal research, critical thinking, and academic skills which equip them for further study and work in various ministry capacities, as well as careers in Government, Education, International Relations, Social Work, Counselling, Business, and more. Crandall’s Religious Studies program boasts a number of recent graduates who have gone on to pursue graduate studies at institutions such as University of Ottawa and Queens University.

Meet a Prof

Biblical Studies

Dr. Isaac Soon (PhD, University of Durham, UK)

An expert in the study of the New Testament, ancient Judaism, and disability, Dr. Soon empowers students to seek academic excellence in the study of religion with an eye to transforming the contemporary world.

Publication Highlight:

“Disability and New Testament Studies” (in the Journal of Disability and Religion, 2021) and “The Short Apostle: The Stature of Paul in light of 2 Cor 11:33 and the Acts of Paul and Thecla” (in early Christianity, 2021).

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