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April 4, 2022

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Featured Program: Biology

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Biology at Crandall

Biology explores the world of living organisms. At Crandall, students explore their calling in health and environmental sciences led by experienced faculty in a respected Biology program.

Students benefit from professor-student interactions, small group study projects, lab and field experiences in various disciplines, and hands-on research opportunities to equip them for a professional science career.

Some areas of study available in Crandall’s biology program include environmental issues, microbiology, organic chemistry, human anatomy and physiology, and genetics.

Outcomes and Careers

A degree in Biology from Crandall will help students gain the analysis, interpretation, and communication skills needed to begin a career in science or pursue advanced academic studies.

Graduates from Biology have gone on to medical school and graduate schools, or pursued careers as educators, environmental mangers, and lab technicians.

Additional career options include medicine, pharmacy, nursing, health sciences, natural resource management, biotechnology, missions work, counselling, and ministry positions. Recent grads have gone on to pursue additional degrees including Physiotherapy at Dalhousie and McMaster University, Medical Doctor at Sherbrooke and Dalhousie University, and Master of Science in Advanced Biomedical Science at Teesside University (UK), for instance.

Fun Fact!

At Crandall, we have 200 acres of property, of which one third is currently used for scientific research, with up to three quarters available for full hands-on access for future study!

Meet a Prof

Dr. Christopher Buschhaus (PhD, University of British Columbia)

Dr. Buschhaus enjoys taking his students beyond the classroom to explore science in the great outdoors. He is the recipient of the 2017 Stephen and Ella Steeves Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Publication Highlight:

Hedgebarth D, Buschhaus C, Wu M, Bird D and Jetter R (2016) The Composition of surface wax on trichomes of Arabidopsis thaliana differs from wax on other epidermal cells. Plant Journal 88: 762–774.

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