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February 8, 2022

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Featured Program: History

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History at Crandall

In Crandall’s History program, students will learn how to think historically about the people, events, and ideas that continue to shape our world. Through engaging guest speakers, lively class discussions, and thought-provoking readings, History students will expand their understanding of humankind and the background of historic events to give them context on the world stage.

Students will have the privilege of being taught by instructors who are highly educated from the top Universities in North America and the U.K., specializing in a variety of unique historical genres. Some of the compelling course topics include Women in Early Modern Britain, History in Film, The Rise of Christianity, and Indigenous Peoples of Canada.

Outcomes and Careers

History students will learn to think logically, express themselves clearly and succinctly, consider context and appreciate differences, and, ultimately, how to become an engaged citizen of the world.

The skills acquired through Crandall’s BA in History will prepare students for a broad range of career pathways, such as education, law, international relations, journalism, archaeology, government research, and more! Some of Crandall’s History graduates have gone on to advanced studies at institutions such as Queen’s University, U of T, UBC, Regent College, Acadia University, and UNB, for example.

Fun Fact!

Crandall’s History degree is highly compatible with the Oxford Programme, which provides students with the opportunity to spend one semester at Oxford University in England, studying literature and history. Students are able to experience the culture of the UK and Europe, and explore the settings of many events they study in class.

Meet a Prof

Dr. Keith Grant (PhD, University of New Brunswick)

Dr. Grant is a historian of early North America specializing in the cultural history of emotions and reading and is a founding co-editor or Borealia, a collaborative blog on early Canadian history.

Publication Highlight:

Enthusiasms and Loyalties: Emotions in Nova Scotia and the Enlightenment Atlantic (McGill-Queen’s University Press, forthcoming).

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