Ratio Christi celebrates 5 years at Crandall

January 28, 2022

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Ratio Christi celebrates 5 years at Crandall

Cody Guitard speaking at event
Cody Guitard at the inaugural Faith Seeking Understanding Symposium in 2018. Submitted.

In 2017, a new ministry began at Crandall. Headed up by an alum with a heart for students and a passion for using higher education to inform one’s faith journey, the first Canadian chapter of Ratio Christi was born.

An apologetics ministry that invites university students to open dialogue about the Christian faith, Ratio Christi encourages students to use their developing academic minds and critical thinking skills to come to a well-reasoned understanding of Christianity as it intersects with the world around them.

At the helm of this group is Cody Guitard (Class of ’15), who serves not only as Chapter Director for Ratio Christi at Crandall, but also as National Coordinator for Ratio Christi Canada. While Crandall was the first campus in Canada to host a Ratio Christi chapter, the last five years have seen the ministry expand to include chapters at other Canadian campuses, including Simon Fraser University and Master’s College & Seminary, and even some groups based in local churches.

As an apologetics ministry, the Ratio Christi group shares in discussion that helps students better understand the nature of the Christian faith. This includes comparing differing theological positions on various topics, as well as open and respectful discussions with people of differing worldviews, all on top of encouraging a thoughtful and reasoned study of the Bible.

“We know this ministry is making a positive difference in the lives of these students,” says Guitard, “because so many of them, past and present, have told us how much they’ve grown in their faith through it.”

The group has also been able to connect with the larger community, partnering with Crandall’s Religious Studies department to host symposia in 2018 and 2019 under the banner Faith Seeking Understanding. Guitard hopes to resume these events once circumstances allow for gatherings of this nature once more.

Even while celebrating 5 years of ministry on campus, Guitard is humbled by what has been accomplished so far, and excited for the future: “It’s been a huge blessing to know that God has been able to use us to speak into the lives of these students in so many different ways so as to help develop not only their mind but their whole person.”

Ratio Christi students with D.A. Carson
Ratio Christi students with D.A. Carson following his Murray Lecture in September 2019.

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