Crandall Freezes Tuition for Domestic Undergraduate Students in 2021-2022

July 12, 2021

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Crandall Freezes Tuition for Domestic Undergraduate Students in 2021-2022

Moncton – Crandall University has made the decision to freeze tuition costs for traditional undergraduate students for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Yearly Tuition Increases

Crandall, much like most universities, often adjusts tuition on a yearly basis, taking into consideration several variable costs, including buildings, infrastructure, employment of faculty and staff, and others.

Financial Hardship in a Pandemic Year

This past year has been a particularly difficult one to endure, not only physically and emotionally, but also, for many, financially. A university education, already a costly investment during financially stable years, became that much more difficult to afford with the unexpected pressures of the pandemic, including unforeseen expenses, job losses, and more.

However, although a university education has become more challenging to afford, this does not mean that it should be any less of a priority. In fact, throughout the pandemic, it has become clear just how important education is to us here in Canada, with many schools and universities striving to do whatever they could to be able to continue to safely educate their students, whether that meant continuing in person, or making the shift to online learning.

Helping Out Where We Can

Knowing the importance of education as well as the increased financial stress being placed on Canadian families, Crandall’s Board of Governors made the decision to approach the 2021-2022 academic year a little differently. “We recognize the financial difficulties people have been facing over the last 16 months and we wanted to help out by keeping our tuition fees as low as we can,” shared Vice President for Administration and Finance Heather Burke. “While Crandall does not receive any government funding for operating purposes, we work hard to keep our tuition competitive with other Atlantic universities.”

Thankfully, due to the help of a combination of operational savings with things like LED lighting and other efficiency measures, as well as additional funding from an increase in overall enrollment, budget projections allow the coming year’s annual expenditures to be covered without requiring an increase in tuition costs for traditional undergraduate students.

This will be the first tuition freeze that Crandall University has had in several years, and we hope that it can have a positive financial impact on Canadian families, even if its impact is only a small one.

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