Dr. Stephen G. Dempster Named Professor Emeritus

June 22, 2021

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Dr. Stephen G. Dempster Named Professor Emeritus

Originally meaning “veteran soldier” in Latin, ‘emeritus’ is a title sometimes bestowed upon long-serving and distinguished faculty members following retirement. Professors who have the pleasure of receiving this title are often deemed “emeritus” to signify their meritorious service to a University and to solidify their status as a successful educator, essentially deeming them a “lifelong professor.”

Throughout Crandall’s long and storied history, three professors have been given this distinctive title:  Dr. Douglas Mantz, Dr. Gary LeBlanc, and Dr. Carol Thorne. This spring, Crandall University is pleased to announce that one more professor will be joining this elite group of Crandall retirees: recent retiree and veteran Crandall University employee of thirty-seven years, Dr. Stephen G. Dempster.

The decision to name Dr. Dempster “Professor of Religious Studies, Emeritus” was unanimously approved by the University Senate following the recommendation of the Faculty Development Committee. Regarding this new appointment, President Fawcett shared, “[Steve] has had an impact on several generations of students through his teaching and has provided wise counsel to the University through his service on many committees, helping the University mature during his tenure here. Steve has also had a significant influence world-wide through his publications and his teaching in a variety of settings.” Dr. Fawcett continued by describing the high esteem in which Dr. Dempster is held within the Crandall community and the University’s great appreciation for his Christian character and exemplary service.

Thank you and congratulations, Dr. Dempster, for the many years of service that you devoted to our mission. We here at Crandall wish you well in this next stage of life!

To learn more about Dr. Dempster’s long and illustrious teaching career, there is a more in-depth story on him and this year’s five other retirees here.

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