Crandall Professor’s Guest Speakers Connect Students with Community

June 4, 2021

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Crandall Professor’s Guest Speakers Connect Students with Community

Donald Moore

Prof. Donald Moore

Moncton – The best voice to speak to a topic is not always your own. That is the philosophy of Crandall Professor Donald Moore when it comes to his Management classes – classes that have become known as much for their guest speakers as for the course content.

Guests to Prof. Moore’s classes are leaders from a wide range of professions, and include CEO’s and business leaders, medical professionals and administrators, elected officials at all levels, and many others. This year alone, students have had the opportunity to hear from the guests like Moncton Mayor Dawn Arnold, Ontario Minister of Children, Community and Social Services Todd Smith, NB Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Jennifer Russell, and NB Premier Blaine Higgs, and more, all eager for the opportunity to share their wealth of experience with students.

“There are some that take a bit of convincing,” said Moore, who has been inviting guests to speak to his classes at Crandall for nearly a decade, “but quite often they’re contacting me and we’re just working to get schedules to line up.”

Each guest brings their own area of expertise to the class, and students get the opportunity to learn how the course content they are learning applies across various industries, and ultimately how certain principles are universal when it comes to leadership, management, ethics, and more. It’s a valuable lesson in and of itself, especially since students in Prof. Moore’s Management classes come from diverse backgrounds, both in terms of education and geography.

One major difference this year is that most of the guest speakers have not been able to visit classes in person, but the new world of virtual meetings has actually been a boon for Prof. Moore: “Honestly, I don’t think I would have gotten some of the guests that we’ve had this year if it weren’t for the ability to do it remotely,” he said. “Now, we don’t even have to think twice about bringing in a guest from Fredericton, Toronto, or even further afield.”

Of course bringing in a professional to speak to a class has additional value that runs just as deep as the insight an experience being shared; it’s about relationships: “Introducing these students to established leaders in the community creates a connection that wasn’t there before,” expressed Moore, “and I believe that when you provide keen students with the chance to make meaningful connections, opportunities will follow.”

Moore, himself a leader in Greater Moncton’s business world for a number of years, knows the value of those connections, and counts himself fortunate to be able to share some of those connections with his students: “It’s really all about them. If I can share some of what I’ve learned, that’s great; but if I know someone who can bring a new level of insight to a particular topic, I want to introduce my students to that person so they can get the best possible learning experience.”

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