The Life of a Crandall Student Ambassador 

March 15, 2021

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The Life of a Crandall Student Ambassador 

It takes many different moving pieces to run a university. The Admissions team are often recognized as the key to keeping a university in motion, but there is a lesser-known part of that team that works hard to breathe life into the Crandall University experience: our Student Ambassadors. These students work closely with the Admissions team, take on a unique set of responsibilities, and bring an entirely new and much needed perspective – that of a current student. 

What do Ambassadors do?  

Well, plenty of things! They can often be found helping with on-campus registration events, providing campus tours, eating meals with potential students, attending recruitment conferences, and more.Overall, no matter what event they’re attending, their most important task is adding the student voice and presence to the recruitment process. “Student Ambassadors are empowered by the Admissions department to work directly with potential students, so it is really important that they represent Crandall well,” shares Admissions Counsellor Matthew Wheaton“It means a lot that wconsistently have an amazing group, and we are proud to have our Ambassadors be the face of the university to potential students. 

Beside the free swag that they often receive, being an Ambassador often provides students with several benefits, including a leadership environment where they are able to build confidence, an opportunity to make connections and meet new people, as well as the chance to gain recruiting skills and a unique perspective on how the university operates that most students would not typically witness.  

What about this year? 

As with most things this year, the Student Ambassador role at the university has looked quite different. Due to the pandemic, many of the events that Ambassadors would typically attend have been either cancelled or forced to move online. Despite this, the Admissions team has continued to find ways to use the Ambassadors skills and abilities.  

One of the ways that they’ve done this is by bringing the student perspective to the forefront of social media with “Student Takeovers,” where Ambassadors will take turns documenting a day in their life for the Crandall Admissions Instagram page. They have also participated in virtual open houses and virtual tours, and overall done an incredible job of making the transition to these online efforts. 

How do students become Ambassadors? 

Any student can apply to be a Student Ambassador at the Admissions Office. This can be done in any year, but Crandall has had a long history of students applying in their first year and remaining an Ambassador for their entire four year stay due to their positive experiences in the role.  

Successful Student Ambassadors often have a variety of skills that are helpful in their various duties, including outgoing personalities, positive attitudes, and being comfortable occupying leadership roles, to name a few. Ambassadors are also required to maintain a consistent GPA. The reason for this is to ensure that every member of the Ambassador Team is capable of balancing their studies with the extra duties of an Ambassador 

Ultimately, the university looks to develop a team of roughly twenty students with lots of differing skills and abilities. 

To learn more about Crandall’s Ambassadors, visit the Student Ambassador page where you can ask them any questions that you may have about life at Crandall!  

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