Students Commence March Break After a Tumultuous Start to the Winter Semester

March 2, 2021

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Students Commence March Break After a Tumultuous Start to the Winter Semester

Moncton – After nearly two months of adaptations and adjustments to start off the winter term, students and faculty at Crandall University are finally into the March Reading week. While classes have been back in person for roughly three weeks since New Brunswick’s return to the Orange Phase on February 9th, the 2021 winter semester started online.  

Creative planning on the part of University administrationstaff and students alike allowed everyone to adapt to some of the complications of the start of term with a great deal of grace. Self-isolation, which is of course never a desirable experience, quickly became a joint effort as everyone worked hard to keep 37 isolating students safe and comfortable. “We never thought Crandall students could get room service from our cafeteria, noted Director of Student Life, Dale Stairs, but everyone from Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island who was isolating in Colburne House had meals delivered to their door for two straight weeks! The RAs and Housing Dons did everything from delivering the food to taking out the garbage.” 

During this period of online classes (which had been extended by the move to the Red Phase), several professors worked to find creative ways to make online learning more engaging, not knowing when classes would once again be in-person. Dr. Mel Schriver prepared ‘Kitchen Chemistry’ lab kits for his students to do from the comfort of their own homes, while Dr. Keith Bodner created what he coined, “Bodcasts, for his II Samuel class, featuring musical intros, and short but powerful lectures that students can listen to on their own time. 

While the organization worked to make the most of its time in the red phase, to say that students and faculty have been thankful to be back inperson would be an understatement. While I’m glad that we are able to continue learning online while fluctuating between phases, I find in-person classes much more engaging and motivating, so I am very excited to be back in the routine of attending classesand to once again be a part of the Crandall Community” shared student India Miller-Bidwell.  

“I’m so glad to be back in in-person classes because something about being in the school with other students is really encouraging and motivating,” concluded student Emily Tardif. “Being able to see people in the hallways and say hello really makes your days brighter, and it’s something that you miss when classes are online! Going back to face-to-face classes has made my final semester at Crandall feel a little less weird, and I think students appreciate any normalcy that they can get during such an odd time. 

Crandall University is Atlantic Canada’s leading Liberal Arts university rooted in the Christian faith, offering undergraduate degrees in Arts, Science, Business Administration, Organizational Management and Education, and Graduate degrees in Education and Management. For more information, visit https://www.crandallu.ca/ or call 1-888-968-6228. 

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