Dr. Dieu Hack-Polay’s latest book explores positive effects of migration

February 23, 2021

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Dr. Dieu Hack-Polay’s latest book explores positive effects of migration

This January saw the release of Professor Dieu Hack-Polay’s fourth and latest book, Migration Practice as Creative Practice: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Migration. 

Published by Emerald Publishing LimitedMigration Practice as Creative Practice is a collaborative work that discusses the positive contributions of migration to host societies, “particularly emphasizing how they (migrants) contribute to transform social policy, entrepreneurship and culture for the good of the whole community,” said Dr. Hack-Polay. In general, the book places an emphasis on creativity, both the creativity of migrants in their host cultures and communities, and, as stated by the publisher, “the creative ways of researching migrant lived experiences.” 

When talking to Dr. Hack-Polay about his inspiration for the book, he shared that the idea emerged from his previous journal articles that followed research on migration over time: “The idea was to write a book that encapsulates positive migrant narratives contrasting with some negative press and patronizing literature about migrants.”  

Being knowledgeable and passionate about the topic, Hack-Polay wanted to ensure that the book conveyed the migrant experience as multidimensionalso the final work is a collaborative effort with colleagues from a variety of fields. This allows the book to include psychological, social, economic, political, and existential underpinnings and ramifications. “The book has inputs from academics from four continents, examining the migrant experience from a multidisciplinary and international perspective. The number of topics covered are also varied, making the book highly relevant for practitioners, policymakers and academics. 

Congratulations to Dr. Hack-Polay on this latest book. If you’re interested in reading Migration Practice as Creative Practice: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Migration, it is available from many major book retailers. 

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