The Crandall Experience

November 19, 2020

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The Crandall Experience

Crandall University offers a unique university experience, integrating faith and learning into its programs. The university staff and faculty not only work hard to make this integration a reality but show care for their students in all they do. With the help of small class sizes, professors provide students with personalized learning and seek to support them in their studies. Crandall University is a community unlike any other, bringing together students from around the world, and creating an environment of support and encouragement for all.

Integration of Faith and Learning

The university’s overall mission is “transforming lives through quality university education firmly rooted in the Christian faith.” The faculty and staff help to make this connection between faith and studies possible both inside and outside the classroom by modelling it for their students; everyone at Crandall seeks to work together to ensure they are unified in achieving this mission. “I believe that the university’s mission statement should permeate everything that is done within the boundaries of the organization,” said Robert MacDonald, Professor and Coordinator of Crandall’s Business program. “Everything that I do should be working to affect student transformation, whether that be spiritually or academically.” The professors and staff alike are doing their part to ensure this mission is being lived out in all aspects of the university.

Small Class Sizes and Interactive Learning

An education at Crandall University means more than taking in information each day; it means providing students with the opportunity to contribute to their own learning through interactive classroom settings. Students are not confined to the four walls of the classroom, either; they are encouraged to get out and apply the knowledge they accumulate during their studies to their everyday lives.

Crandall can achieve this educational experience, different from that of so many other universities, through its small class sizes. “When we say small class sizes, we really mean it,” said Matthew Wheaton, one of Crandall’s Admissions Counsellors. “Our classes range from 4 or 5 students to 75 students, and because of that, the professor can individualize the learning. Students can participate in class discussions and take advantage of the professors’ open-door policy whenever they have questions. It is unique in the market and it is unique in our region.” Small class sizes are allowing students to have an in-person classroom experience during a time when so many other universities are operating online. Crandall’s uncommon education—catering its programs to the students within them rather than simply providing students with information related to their fields of study—sets students up for their future careers.


One of the most encouraging things for students is knowing that their education is not only important to them, but it is also important to their professors. This is a reality for students at Crandall and one of the biggest reasons they enjoy their time at the university. Students feel welcome when they enter the classroom. “The community at Crandall is like nothing else; it is amazing,” said Keegan Perry, a fourth-year Biology and Theology major at Crandall. “In each of your classes your professors actually know who you are, and they care about you as a student. They encourage, push, and challenge you to be a better student.” Students come to Crandall for an education, but they stay for the community atmosphere found inside the classroom and the larger sense of community found outside the learning environment through the events, sports teams, clubs, and many friendships made.

Students who attend Crandall leave having experienced a truly unique education. They go into the world with skills to apply the knowledge they have gained throughout their studies and understand the value of integrating the Christian faith into all aspects of their lives. Attending Crandall gives students an education tailored to them, prioritizing who they are and what they need so that they can achieve the goals they have set out to accomplish now and in the future.

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Crandall University is Atlantic Canada’s leading Liberal Arts university rooted in the Christian faith. If you would like to learn more, you are invited to contact our Admissions team or check out one of our upcoming events.

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Emilie Williams is a fourth year Business Administration student who is interning in the Marketing & Communications Department.

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