How to become a Crandall student in 2020

April 29, 2020

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How to become a Crandall student in 2020

A University’s admissions process is composed with simplicity in mind. However, with the campus currently closed as the result of the Global Health Crisis, applying to University has changed slightly from previous years. In order to ensure that this transition is seamless and the new process as simple as possible for potential applicants, here’s what you need to know about Crandall’s adjusted admissions process.


In the past, the relationship between you and an Admissions Counsellor would begin after an inquiry has been made. This inquiry could be formal, through an inquiry card commonly found at recruiting events, or informal through an email, phone call, or other forms of communication.

Fun Fact: At Crandall, Recruiters double as Admissions Counsellors, meaning that if you meet a Recruiter at an event, there’s a good chance they’ll also be the one who will work with you in the later stages of the admissions process, rather than just meeting you for the first time.

This portion of the process remains quite similar. You can still inquire with our Admissions team about programs at the University by email, telephone, or online. The only difference is that, for now, inquiries cannot be made in person and no in-person recruitment is taking place.

Ask questions

Typically, once a connection has been formed, Admissions Counsellors like to talk with potential applicants to gather some information, such as the program that the individual is interested in, the details of their educational history, and more. Our admissions counsellors connect with students using a variety of methods – email, phone, video calls, in-person meetings, and letters just to name a few – they are happy to connect in the way that’s easiest and most comfortable for you.

Of course, maintaining physical distance means that in-person meetings with students aren’t available at the moment, but our admissions team is still busy meeting with students virtually from their home offices. If you’d like to connect with an admissions counsellor, you can send us an email or give us a call (leave a message if you get the voicemail box), and we’ll have you chatting with an admissions counsellor before you know it!


Once you’ve decided on which program(s) you’re most interested in, it’s time to apply for admission! If you’re a high school grad living in Canada, applying to many of our undergraduate programs is only a two-step process: 1) submit our online application form, and 2) send us your transcripts.

We also try to keep the process as straight-forward as possible for anyone applying to our Professional Programs (Education & Organizational Management), as well as for international students, but if you do have any questions about any of our application procedures, definitely feel free to ask!

These processes are largely unchanged – other than not being able to hand-deliver a printed application form at this time, you can still apply to your program of choice from a safe distance. We do recommend checking with your school(s) to find out how they’re handling requests for transcripts, however, and let us know if you’re having any trouble obtaining them.

Accept your offer

Finally, once applications have been evaluated, successful applicants will receive a letter of offer in the mail. This offer can be accepted, as always, by paying an enrollment deposit to Crandall’s Finance Office. At this point, you are officially a Crandall student!

Resources for admitted students

Becoming a university student can seem like a daunting task, and as we’re all navigating life a little bit differently in light of COVID-19, it can sometimes feel like everything is a little bit more complicated. Because of that, we wanted to let you know about the slight changes to our admissions process, to try and keep things as straightforward and simple as possible, and to eliminate any unnecessary stress in this time of change and uncertainty. Here at Crandall, we have a very experienced and talented team who know the inner workings of the admissions process incredibly well. They are well equipped to serve you as you navigate the road from inquirer, to applicant, to eventually, student.

Crandall University is Atlantic Canada’s leading Liberal Arts University rooted in the Christian Faith, with undergraduate programs in Arts, Science, Business Administration, and Education, and graduate programs in Education and Organizational Management. To learn more, visit crandallu.ca or call 1‑888-968-6228.

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