Alumni Success Story: Giselle Tranquilla

December 20, 2019

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Alumni Success Story: Giselle Tranquilla

Bachelor of Arts Psychology (Honours)
Class of

Giselle Tranquilla

What have I been up to since I left Crandall?

I graduated from Crandall University in 2001, back when it was ABU. After graduation I ended up working at the university for a year in Admissions as I was preparing for graduate school. I had the privilege of studying under Dr. William (Bill) Morrison while at Crandall, and whether he realizes it or not he encouraged me to look into continuing my studies at Trinity Western University in Langley, BC. I started my cross-country adventure in 2002, beginning with a very long drive, and eventually graduated with a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. I had known for a long time that this was the field in which I was going to work, and starting that journey at Crandall was an incredible experience. I spent 13 years out west working with high-risk youth and their families, in Child and Youth Mental Health and alongside Child Protection. In 2015 the Lord started to show me it was time to come home to the Maritimes, and I moved back across the country to Fredericton in September of that year. I have since joined a private practice in Fredericton where I have had the privilege of continuing the counselling work I know the Lord has called me to. I am also able to provide some support through the Counselling Centre at Brunswick Street Baptist Church in Fredericton. I am very busy, thankfully, and I am constantly being challenged both professionally and personally by the people God brings to my door.

Outside of this work, the Lord has also called me into music ministry within the church context. This opportunity actually sprang from my incredible experiences being part of the worship teams while at Crandall. These experiences were some of the most meaningful to me from my time there. I have had the honour of playing music with some wonderful people who became good friends, and though we may not have all stayed in touch over the years, I hold these memories very close to my heart. They may never know it, but these fellow worshippers made lasting impressions. I have served in a few churches over the years as worship leader, and I am currently serving as Music Director at Rusagonis Baptist Church.

How did Crandall prepare me for the future?

My years at ABU/Crandall were some of the hardest, most challenging, most incredible years of my life. I know the Lord was preparing me for the work He was calling me to, and He was also revealing Himself to me in the midst of struggle, change and a fair bit of pain. God used many of the professors and staff to challenge and bless me, support and encourage me. He also allowed me to develop friendships I hold dear to my heart. And all of this made it possible for me to muster up the courage to move across country where the Lord continued to challenge, bless and encourage me. My prayer is that I am now able to give back and serve in a way that not only honours the Lord, but also speaks to all the tools He used to bring me to this place in my journey with Him, including Crandall University.

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