Behind the Scenes of Crandall’s Open House

November 15, 2019

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Behind the Scenes of Crandall’s Open House

Open Houses in the university world are exciting events focused on delivering the best, most helpful experience for potential students approaching big life decisions, (while also sprinkling some fun and memorable moments in between).

To guarantee that each Crandall Open House completely fulfills its purpose, the Crandall Admissions team devotes a great deal of time and energy to thoughtfully plan every detail, ensuring that the event runs seamlessly from start to finish. Our dedicated and passionate Admissions team puts in a lot of hard work to create the best experience possible. Let’s explore what it takes to organize and run an Open House at Crandall University.

Firstly, Crandall Admissions must be aware of their audience and what will be most valuable to them during their limited time visiting the university. With this in mind, the team ensures that they provide many opportunities for attendees to ask questions to knowledgeable members of the Crandall community, as potential students always have many questions that they want answered.

One such question and answer component of the Open House is the student panel, which provides the opportunity for visitors to gain a genuine understanding of the university experience by talking with current students. To create this panel, Crandall Admissions looks for 3-5 students from several different majors to represent a diverse range of academic backgrounds.

Crandall student Ambassadors

Crandall’s student ambassadors play an important role in the success of any open house event

Another opportunity for potential students to find out more about the university is the faculty fair. In preparation for this, the Admissions team confirms that all aspects of the campus community are represented at the event by working closely with each individual department. This fair allows new students to connect with their faculty, or discuss admissions, scholarships, classes, or anything else they might be wondering about.

Lastly, a big part of the Open House is the information session, which is a presentation-style session that provides potential students with plenty of essential information. When planning this session, Admissions locates the most qualified, knowledgeable speakers to cover each topic.

While all of these components are vital to the success of the Open House, the Admissions team places a special emphasis on communicating the small campus atmosphere that the university has worked so hard to create and maintain. Matthew Wheaton, a member of Crandall’s Admissions team, put it best: “It feels like home on the Crandall campus, and it’s very fulfilling when people are able to experience the amazing community we’ve worked hard to create. Our community is what sets us apart, and our Open House provides us with the opportunity to showcase that community for a whole new group of incoming students. It’s my hope that our Open House guests will see how great our community truly is and will want to become a part of it.”

Crandall’s 2019 Fall Open House is on November 30, 2019 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Visit the event page to learn more or to register – we would love to see you there!

Crandall University is Atlantic Canada’s leading Liberal Arts University rooted in the Christian Faith, with undergraduate programs in Arts, Science, Business Administration, and Education, and graduate programs in Education and Organizational Management. To learn more, visit crandallu.ca or call 1‑888-968-6228.

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