A look into the minds of potential graduates

October 17, 2019

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A look into the minds of potential graduates

It’s autumn, which means that Crandall University has once again opened its doors to a mass of undergraduate students. While the majority are either enthusiastic first years who are just learning the ropes or experienced upperclassmen who are returning to the familiarity of their academic lives, a select group is braving uncharted territory and experiencing this academic year in an entirely new light: potential graduates.

While the changes that potential graduates feel as they enter their final year at Crandall may be subtle, they do exist, manifesting themselves in emails about grad portraits, reminders about application to graduate deadlines, and friendly conversations with inquisitive professors wondering, “What do you plan to do next?”

For many potential grads, the thought of leaving university is intimidating, for others thrilling; most commonly, it’s a mixture of both. Since graduating inflicts a range emotions, who better to capture and illustrate the uniqueness of this new experience than potential graduates themselves? Potential graduates Amber Cliff, English Major, Peter Robichaud, Business Major, and Rachel Sharp, Psychology Major graciously gave of their time to offer insight into how they’re feeling about their time at Crandall, and their fast approaching lives beyond university.

Amber Cliff, Peter Robichaud, and Rachel Sharp

Left to right: potential grads Amber Cliff, Peter Robichaud, and Rachel Sharp

How has Crandall shaped you personally during your time here?

Amber: I’ve grown a lot as a person through meeting many different kinds of people at Crandall and expanding my personal boundaries. I’ve also found that I am a lot more adventurous thanks to my trip to Oxford in third year when I realized that life is short—why deny a new adventure?

Peter: University has shaped me into someone with a strong work ethic. In high school it was sometimes difficult to remain focused, but in university I am genuinely interested in what I’m learning, which helps me stay engaged and motivates me to work harder and meet my goals.

Rachel: When I started university, I was an 18 year old who thought I knew a lot but really knew barely anything. It’s hard to measure how far I’ve come from high school to now, but I can say I’ve changed a lot, and for the better.

What are you most looking forward to about the next chapter of your life?

Amber: I most look forward to working with youth and being able to impact their futures like my teachers impacted mine.

Peter: I am looking forward to being more independent and transitioning into the next phase of my life. After years of thinking about my career, it’s time to pursue it!

Rachel: I can see a huge contrast between who I was in first year and who I am now, and I know that the future holds even more personal growth. I am eager to see how I will be changed for the better!

What will you miss most about Crandall?

Amber: The people, my friends, and my professors.

Peter: I’m really going to miss the people in my classes, my friends, and the professors who have always given great advice when I’ve needed it. One of the best things about Crandall is everyone is so tightly knit that the people feel like more of a family than they would at a big university.

Rachel: I will miss the professors, the students, and the sense of community that I enjoyed while living on residence. I will also really miss taking classes and expanding my knowledge on different subjects.

These three students are each taking different paths after this year: Amber will be returning to Crandall for one more year to finish her Bachelor of Education; Peter has a job lined up already which will be starting next September, and Rachel is planning to further her education at graduate school.

Congratulations to all Crandall University potential graduates of 2020! May your graduating year be your best one yet! Don’t forget to submit your application to graduate by October 31, 2019 to ensure that you’re able to celebrate this incredible milestone with your fellow graduates!

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