2019 Orientation Kicks off new Academic Year

September 6, 2019

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2019 Orientation Kicks off new Academic Year

Orientation week is an important part of the university experience for new students. Arriving on campus to a whole new reality, and it can take some time to get your feet under you if you have to go it alone. That’s where Orientation shines. Staff, faculty, and other students all work together to welcome new students to campus, helping them get situated in their dorm rooms, classrooms, and other facilities, find the Registrar’s Office (and learn what a registrar is, while they’re at it), and get connected to all the people and places that make campus unique.

Move In Day

The day that students move into their dorm rooms is key for students and parents alike. Parents like to know that their students will feel safe and secure on campus, and our team of RAs (Residence Assistants) work alongside our Campus Life department to ensure a smooth transition to life away from home for new students


There’s always a lot of new information to impart to students during the first week, and orientation makes it easy to get those details to all of the new students. We were delighted to have Moncton‘s Mayor Dawn Arnold welcome our new students this year, declaring that, no matter where they might be from, they’re all Monctonians while they’re living here! New students also received a welcome from Crandall’s President & Vice Chancellor, Dr. Bruce Fawcett, and heard from a number of other key staff members to help get them acquainted with some of the services they can take advantage of in their studies.

Getting to know campus

Members of Crandall’s student association (CSA) and other returning students showed the new students around campus, and highlighted some of the festivities that were planned for the week – the CSA work tirelessly throughout the year to plan events for the student body, and Welcome Week is a huge part of that. This year, the CSA unveiled a new café space in the Student Centre – it’s a great place to grab a cup of coffee or a snack, or just to enjoy the company of some newly made friends on campus!

Fun & Games

Orientation isn’t all information and settling in, though! There’s lots of fun to be had as new friendships are made, and the CSA put together a whole week of fun activities to help students get to know one another and and fun together. Communities are built on shared experiences, and everyone has the opportunity to take part!

Classes begin

Students also have the opportunity to meet professors and fellow students within their majors during the week, along with their very first classes of the semester. As the fall schedule gets underway, faculty are always keen to meet the new students and while some first year classes can be a little bit larger, you’ll find that their professors care about the success of every one of their students.

University Chapel

As a Christian university, our Chapel program is a key feature of the culture on campus, and our Dean of the Chapel, Tim Milner, takes great care in managing the Chapel and caring for students’ spiritual well-being. Chapel services happen every weekday on campus, with options ranging from praise and worship to small group studies (many of which are led by faculty and staff), with multiple ways for students to engage with and develop in their faith.

New year, new opportunities

Each new year brings with it new opportunities to learn and grow, and for students at Crandall, there is a whole community around them to provide care and support as they study, work, play, and grow.

Welcome to a new year.

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