Packing for ClayStone – A Different School Supply List

August 1, 2019

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Packing for ClayStone – A Different School Supply List

On August 30th, students in Crandall University’s ClayStone Certificate will gather for a year of Transformation: Heart, Mind and Body. Unlike most university students, these have a much more diverse packing list! In addition to the textbooks and school supplies – ClayStone is a full year of university after all – many other exciting items are needed!

LOTS of Outdoor Gear:

  • ClayStone students need to come with two backpacks – one large enough to take everything needed for 5 days on the Fundy Footpath, and a smaller one for shorter trips.
  • Also, for the outdoor adventures, they need to bring a warm and compact sleeping bag, headlamp, pocket knife (not recommended for most university programs!), water bottles, bowl and spoon, along with a few dry bags and stuff sacks to put everything in for adventures like canoeing and sea kayaking!

Unusual University Clothing:

  • In ClayStone, it isn’t the brand that matters – more importantly is how warm it will keep you! No jeans here -students need to arrive with all sorts of outdoor clothing made from synthetic materials or wool. This includes base layers, mid layers, and outer layers to keep out the wind and rain.
  • For head, hands, and feet – Hats for both sun and cold are definitely required, and feet need really solid hiking boots, plenty of wool-blend socks, water shoes, and optional rock-climbing shoes. Students need to remember warm mittens for winter camping, and thin gloves for other activities.
  • Swim suits are a must for both fall adventures, and especially for the Dominican Republic mission trip. Also, sunglasses, beach towel, shorts and t-shirts.
  • Other things needed for winter are a second sleeping bag (you want to double them up in February!), winter jacket, ski pants, snow boots, snowshoes, neck-warmer, and don’t forget the long undies!

And of Course:

  • Bible, notebook and pen – these go with the students everywhere, since beyond the challenging outdoor fun, new relationships, heart-changing mission, and solid university courses, discipleship is what ClayStone is all about.

That’s the list! When students arrive with these things, and a desire to grow and learn, they are set for Transformation: Heart, Mind and Body!

*Limited space still available for September 2019. Learn more about ClayStone

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