New Certificate in Business for International Students

March 11, 2019

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New Certificate in Business for International Students

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Moncton – For a number of years now, Canadian universities have been experiencing the effects of the challenging demographic changes. The number of students completing high school in Canada continues to fall, causing more and more public schools to close or downsize every year, due to falling enrollment. As a result, more recruitment of university age young people is being done in the international market, with more agencies working around the world to recruit students for universities across Canada.

Crandall University has been making efforts to address this situation as well, and has recently begun actively recruiting students internationally. New programs have been developed as part of the initiative, and a Dean of International Academic Programs has been appointed to offer leadership in this area, Dr. Dannie Brown.

Business-Focused International Programs

The latest internationally-focused program, a Certificate in Business, is launching in the fall of 2019. This one year program is designed to allow international students to study the fundamentals of business, either after graduating from high school, or as a post-graduate certificate for those who have an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than business. The program also allows students to further their studies in business at Crandall should they desire to do so.

The Certificate in Business joins Crandall’s international offerings alongside the International Bachelor of Commerce (IBCom) – a two-plus-two program that allows international students complete the first two years of an undergraduate business degree in their own country before coming to Canada to complete the final two years at Crandall. In addition to these internationally-focused programs, many students also enroll in Crandall’s other undergraduate and graduate programs.

Education and immigration

One of the attractions of studying in Canada is that education is often seen as a pathway to immigration. Students who complete academic programs at Crandall are eligible to apply for the Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) offered by the Government of Canada. Programs like the ones offered at Crandall allow students to consider starting a new life in Canada through immigration pathways.

Dr. Brown, who has spent much of the last ten years working with international students, knows that Canada is high on the target list of countries where international students are hoping to study: “Canada has so much to offer international students today by way of a quality university education and increasing job opportunities.”

Learn more about Crandall’s Certificate in Business for International Students.

To learn more about Crandall’s international programs, contact international@crandallu.ca.

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