$500,000 in New Scholarship & Bursaries Announced

March 1, 2017

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$500,000 in New Scholarship & Bursaries Announced

Crandall University is excited to announce more than $500,000 in new student scholarships and bursaries. These new awards will recognize student achievement as well as provide additional support for students who may need financial assistance to access the programs at Crandall University.

For the first time in the University’s history, incoming students are able to immediately qualify for a Board of Governors’ Scholarship which is an automatic recognition of a student’s academic success in high school. This scholarship can give qualifying students up to $8000 in scholarship support for their tuition. New Leadership, Service and Residential Scholarships can provide students up to an additional $12,000 in tuition scholarship support.

As well, a new Founder’s Bursary has been created to provide financial assistance to students from low and middle income families. Depending upon tuition support received from Canada Student Grant for Low or Middle Income Families as well as other Crandall University Scholarships and Bursaries, students who qualify for the Founder’s Bursary could see the “out of pocket cost” of their tuition equal “$0.”

“As a Christian institution, we have been challenged recently to think about our responsibility to assist people with their ability to access post-secondary education at Crandall University. Our conclusion was that we could do more. I am happy to note that we now provide one of Canada’s strongest student scholarship and bursary programs offered by schools like us,” President Bruce Fawcett.

More information about the new scholarships and bursaries at Crandall University can be found here, or by calling 506-858-8970.

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