Alumni Success Story: Liam Steele

November 16, 2016

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Alumni Success Story: Liam Steele

Class of 2000
Bachelor of Arts Communication
Bachelor of Arts English

What have you been up to since leaving Crandall?

I moved to South Korea in 2001 and spent 15 years teaching English. I earned a Master’s in TESOL from Woosong University and then taught at Chongshin University. After that, I married Rachel Lee and began training for ministry at Torch Trinity Graduate University. After working 5 years in Children’s Ministry in Korea, I felt the Lord call us to the UK. That’s when I joined Operation Mobilization and we were sent to Bridgend, Wales to work with Union School of Theology. I lead the ESL course offered by the college, plan curriculum, and lead student discipleship classes. In addition, I work as the Union Mission Coordinator, which involves communicating between churches that are affiliated with Union and/or being planted by Union pastors.

How has Crandall prepared you for the future?

In studying both English and Communication Studies at ABU (now Crandall), I was better equipped with the knowledge and confidence to stand in front of people. I learned the philosophical background of communication, and valuable skills in public speaking and debate that has helped in my ministry. The courses in Christian Thought and Worldview provided me with a biblical foundation and balanced Christian perspective, which has allowed me to better defend my faith. All in all, I’m very grateful to God for my time at ABU!

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