Professor working to improve food security in Nicaragua

August 19, 2016

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Professor working to improve food security in Nicaragua

DSCF3027Dr. Sam Reimer, a professor of sociology, spent two weeks this summer in Nicaragua as part of an Educator’s Tour sponsored by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

As part of a team of educators from across Canada, he traveled to remote parts of Nicaragua by boat, plane and truck to visit projects helping subsistence farmers improve their food security.  Sam says the highlight of his trip was two days/nights living with a poor coffee farmer in his mud house.

“I left Nicaragua with many questions to process.  What do we Western countries need to change in light of climate change and consumerism that is disrupting the lives of subsistence farmers?  My host family owned only a few farming tools and a few cooking pots.  They own no machines, not even a mule. What does this mean for the way I live?  Obviously, it calls me to live simply and give generously.  Only after I change how I live should I call on others to do the same.  I also need to tell the story of farmers like Erika and Francisco, who represent the majority of the world’s hungry (https://www.wfp.org/hunger/who-are).  We work for justice.  And we wait, eagerly, for the Shalom of God to come in fullness.  The experience is one I will not quickly forget.  I know it will enrich my teaching on poverty and justice.”

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