Crandall Professor Visits Ministry in India

June 28, 2016

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Crandall Professor Visits Ministry in India

DempsterIndiaDr. Stephen Dempster, one of Crandall’s Biblical and Religious Studies professors, is currently traveling India for the second time, speaking at Shalom Fellowship church and Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Discipleship Training School. 

Located in Hyderabad, in the South of India, Dr. Dempster is participating in the anniversary services of Shalom Fellowship church, engaging with and speaking to over 100 church members. This two year old church, with the average member being 26 years of age, also has an orphanage for about 20 children ranging from ages 3-13. A main reason for this is because there are reportedly approximately 50,000 street children in Hyberdad alone.

Dr. Dempster is also speaking to YWAM’s Discipleship Training Seminar as a guest speaker as well as a speaker at the student’s graduation.

Last year, Dr. Dempster was invited to speak in Manali, India for a conference for Christian leaders, on the topic of Christianity for the Long Haul. It was at this conference that Dr. Dempster made the connections for this year’s anniversary services.

Dr. Dempster enjoys incorporating his international experiences with his classes, sharing stories of God’s goodness and how God is making a difference in the lives of the people.

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