260 Challenge App Available

September 29, 2014

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260 Challenge App Available

Are you ready? The 260 Challenge app is waiting for you in the app store for only 0.99 cents!

Synopsis: There are 260 chapters in the New Testament, and approximately that same amount days in a university’s academic year. Each day presents you with a new passage to read (approximately 37 verses on average). You are challenged to join the many people who have signed up for the 260 Challenge!

Background Information: The 260 Challenge originated at Crandall University, which is located in New Brunswick, Canada. It was originally issued out of a desire to see university students reading the Bible as a daily habit. The challenge is not just for students, though. Everyone is encouraged to join us in this challenge!

Note: As the challenge progresses, there will be periodic updates to this app, which will unroll cool and interesting new features! Here are some features that will hopefully be available soon:
-More versions of the Bible
-Ability to manage which passages you have read
-Landscape mode
-Adjustable font size
-Social media integration

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