1st Year Perspective: Christie MacPhee

December 16, 2013

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1st Year Perspective: Christie MacPhee

September 2013

My experience as a freshman has been nothing but amazing thus far at Crandall. Of course I had those butterflies as I drove into the parking lot and my car was swarmed with helping hands, but as soon as I got here I instantly felt a comfort. I don’t know if it is the professors who seem to know my name before I can introduce myself, the strangers in the halls who never fail to share a smile or a friendly “hello”, or the small campus that quickly becomes home. The ultimate comfort I have experienced here has come from knowing that God is so present. He has really blessed this place in so many ways. Attending a school which encourages learning intertwined with religion allows for chapel on a daily basis which not only feeds those who are believers but also ministers to those who wander. This also gives professors the freedom to pray as an introduction or conclusion of class and openly talk of their faith stories. Even activities on residence allow bonding as a church and a family.

Since being on campus for a little more than a week, I have made so many amazing relationships and grown to love my new home for the next four years. And though university life will have it’s ups and downs, when the focus is so often on God, my worries melt away and I can focus on the amazing opportunity I have been given to both learn and grow in my relationship with Him.

By: Christie MacPhee, 1st year of a Bachelor of Science in Biology

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