Vice-President for Academic Affairs Announced

May 27, 2013

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Vice-President for Academic Affairs Announced

Last fall Dr. Seth Crowell announced that he would like to transition out of the VPAA office after nearly a dozen years of service in this demanding role. He had no firm end date in mind and announced that he would be as flexible as the institution needed, knowing that it is a difficult role to fill. The VPAA oversees all faculty, programs, and academic units within the university so it is a key role within the campus Jim Rusthovenleadership team. Recently the President announced that after an extensive search process Dr. Jim Rusthoven has been appointed as the university’s next VPAA. Dr. Jim Rusthoven is a medical doctor with specialties in oncology and infectious diseases.  He has been a professor at McMaster University’s medical school for two decades, engaging in clinical research, teaching, and clinical practice. He has also worked as a clinical researcher with Eli Lilly and is the author of over 100 peer-reviewed articles.  In recent years, Jim has earned a masters degree in bioethics from the University of Toronto and a PhD in theology from the University of Bristol while lecturing extensively on topics relating to biomedical ethics. A man of deep faith, Jim cites his Christian college undergraduate experience as life changing, preparing him for life as well as for studies at the University of Illinois medical school.  As a family the Rusthovens have been supportive of Christian higher education. Jim has been a part-time lecturer and his wife Dr. Thea Rusthoven has served as a fulltime French professor at Redeemer University College. We are looking forward to welcoming Jim and Thea to our community in May 2014.

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