50’s Reunion – 1950-1959 Alumni

August 15, 2011

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50’s Reunion – 1950-1959 Alumni

50s Reunion- August 13 & 14, 2011

Forty alumni and their guests attended the 50’s Reunion hosted at Crandall University on August 13th and 14th. While many of these alumni live in the Maritimes, others came from as far away as Ontario.  After a morning of reminiscing, many toured the campus to see just how much their alma mater has evolved over time. The group enjoyed a hymn sing led by Seth and Dawn (Ramey) Crowell (’73) with Shirley (Morehouse) Estey (‘53) playing the piano. The evening banquet featured Marjorie (Gordon) Hicks (’62) as the Master of Ceremonies and Jack Stultz (’52) as the special speaker. Rosalind (McGowan) Jeffreys (’59) and Florence Keeley (’57) also provided entertainment and music at this event. On Sunday, the group enjoyed an intimate church service led by Dan Ferguson (’59) and Dr. Ralph Richardson (’64) in Crandall’s prayer chapel in the newly constructed Stultz Hall. The weekend was brought to a close with a farewell luncheon on Sunday.

Leaving with fondest memories in their hearts, the 1950’s alumni look forward now to reuniting with even more friends at their next reunion scheduled for August 10-11, 2013!


L-R (1st Row):

Barb (Dickie) Chambers, Muriel (Mollins) Ayles, Deanna (Dobson) Knapper, Marjorie (Gordon) Hicks, Dale Hicks, Norma (Grigg) Yeo

L-R (2nd Row):

Gwen (Sherrard) Childs, Joyce (Stanley) Kennedy, Annabel (Hayes) Lewis, Janet (Mitton) Hirtle, Eldon Clark, Jack Ayles, Dorothy (Barnett) Caron

L-R (3rd Row):

Dan Fergson, Irene (Graham) Ferguson, Rosalind (McGowan) Jeffreys, Shirley (Morehouse) Estey, Joan (White) MacLeod, Norma (Roulston) Melvin, Diane (Willis) Holt, Florence Keeley

L-R (4th Row):

Leslie Logan, Lloyd MacLeod, Jack Stultz

Other attendees missing from Photo: 

Doug Campbell, John Holt, Naomi McGorman, Ron McLean, Diane (Steeves) Read, Joyce (Dibblee) Somerville

To see more photos of the 50s reunion, click here.

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