Heather Steeves
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Heather Steeves, CPA, CA

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

506-858-8970 ext: 120


Professor Steeves was born and grew up in New Brunswick and is passionate about economic prosperity in the region. A graduate of the University of New Brunswick and a successful member of the prestigious chartered accountancy profession, Professor Steeves left her duties in the private sector to fully devote her attentions to development of the next generation of business professionals in the Atlantic region. In addition to writing and teaching, she is a Faculty Advisor for the Crandall University Business Society, and a co-founder and has been a coach for the Crandall University Annual Business Case Competition and its teams for
more than a decade.

Interests and Passions

So much of the conversation around business education asks business owners what business wants from the students they hire. Not surprising, the answers are as varied as the businesses! I think a more important question is what does society need from business? And my answer is this: Society needs bright young business visionaries whose worldview is grounded and mature.

Going forward, those who are currently sitting in business classrooms will make the decisions that shape our world. These business professionals both deserve and need an education that will fully equip them with the tools and perspective to take on the challenges facing society. Whether your future is in a profit oriented or non-profit organization, the learning environment in my classroom is designed to challenge, practice and reward excellence. Business professionals will impact the future – my passion is to provide students the tools and perspective that will make this a positive impact regionally, nationally and globally.

It’s this focus on student learning in an integrated environment that makes my primary writing and editorial interest business cases with academic application. In the research required to write these cases, I am able to choose subject companies to interview whose real-life situations illustrate the dilemmas that future business professionals will face. Later when used in the classroom, today’s students have the opportunity to develop decision making skills using the theory being obtained in their courses. Armed with these experiences students are equipped technically, ethically and spiritually with the tools required to navigate an increasingly complicated world.

This is a huge undertaking for students and faculty alike. It’s the beginning of a life long journey for both – one that is equal parts thrilling and frightening! And it is also rewarding. Being part of making a positive impact in the world – what could be better than that?

Classes I teach

  • Financial Accounting – Introductory and Intermediate levels
  • Managerial Accounting – Introductory and Intermediate levels
  • Accounting Theory
  • Personal taxation
  • Business Communication

Recent Works/Awards

If We Build It They Will Come: The Role of Governance in Expansion Decisions (Case Study). CMA Alberta Corporate Governance Award presented at the North American Case Research Association Annual Conference, Quincy, Mass. (2012)

Crossing the Thin Blue Line: The City of Moncton’s Struggle with Policing Services (Case Study). Best Case Award presented at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Annual Conference St. John’s Nfld. (2012)

Withering Grass and Fading Flowers: Personal Values Versus Social Expectations at Petals and Promises Wedding Flowers (Case Study). Best Case Award presented at Atlantic Schools of Business Conference Charlottetown, PEI (2011)

Moncton Flight College (Case Study). Published in The Case Research Journal (North American Case Research Association) Vol. 31:3 (2011). Laurier School of Business and Economics Best Case Award presented at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Annual Conference Halifax, N.S. (2008)

Simcoe Christian Academy: Governance and Control at a Not For Profit Organization (Case Study) presented at Atlantic Schools of Business Conference St John’s, Nfld, (2008). Published in Christian Worldview Business Case Journal (Forthcoming).

Professional Affiliations and Representations

  • Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Canadian Academic Accounting Association
  • New Brunswick Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Administrative Sciences Association of Canada
  • Christian Business Faculty Association
  • New Brunswick Council on Articulations and Transfers Business Education Subcommittee
  • New Brunswick Securities and Exchange Fullsail Initiative