View More: can be a busy and exciting time for students, and this information is intended to help enhance the celebratory experience of potential graduates, their families and friends, and the wider community.

Convocation ceremonies at Crandall University are held typically in the month of May.  Degrees and certificates are awarded to students who successfully complete the program requirements as prescribed by the Senate of Crandall University.  At Convocation, Crandall University will award degrees and certificates at the undergraduate and graduate levels from a variety of faculties.

Fall Administrative Convocation

Parchments are conferred at the Convocation nearest to the completion of students’ program requirements.  Therefore, those who complete their graduation requirements in the spring session will apply to graduate on the Fall Administrative Convocation day, which in 2016 is scheduled for November 7th. Since no ceremony is connected to the Fall Administrative Convocation, students who graduate on that day may participate in the Spring Convocation and are encouraged to do so.

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