ClayStone Experience

Introducing our exciting new gap year program, launching Fall 2017!


In partnership with Camp Shiktehawk, we are excited to offer students a different type of educational experience. Following a model of “experiential education,” the ClayStone Experience will offer students the opportunity to complete 27 university credits in a rotation of contexts including outdoor adventure, a large urban setting and domestic and international cross-cultural environments.


The purpose of ClayStone is to provide students with a series of opportunities designed to facilitate life-transformation: heart, mind and body. The ultimate objective is that students will achieve a more complete understanding of the person of Jesus, their relationship with Him and their obligations as His disciple.

ClayStone promotes life-transformation through two strategic thrusts. First, ClayStone embraces an “experiential” model of education that allows students to be immediately and practically exposed to theoretical concepts studied in textbooks. Second, ClayStone pays particular attention to the idea of “community” with a belief that the greatest measures of transformation are experienced while living in healthy relationships with other people.

Crandall University, Moncton, NB (August)
Crandall University will be the initial gathering place for ClayStone students. It is here where students will first meet other ClayStone students and  receive important orientation material.

Camp Shiktehawk, Florenceville/Bristol, NB (September-November & February-April)
Camp Shiktehawk will be ‘home’ for the majority of the ClayStone experience. It is from the camp base that the wilderness ventures and skills certifications will take place. The camp will also be the place where students will begin to understand the importance and value of healthy relationships and community as disciples of Jesus.

Montreal, PQ (November)
ClayStone will take students on a 2-week urban experience to Montreal. While living in a hostel in the core of the city, students will be exposed to how communities are initiated and structured for success. Students will also learn about the unique opportunities and challenges of living as disciples of Christ in a multi-cultural, urban setting.

Tobique, NB (November)
Exposure to and participation with people from the Tobique First Nations will be the first of two strategic cross-cultural experiences for ClayStone students. Students will participate with and learn first-hand about the culture of one of our Nation’s first people groups.

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic (January-February)
Following the Christmas break, students will travel to the Dominican Republic where they will reside for six (6) weeks. This cross-cultural experience will provide students with a second exposure to a culture that is significantly different from their own. Working with a group of churches in Puerto Plata, students will become involved in the life of that  community as fellow disciples and attempt to live and experience the grace of Jesus.

While the ClayStone Experience provides students with university credit and exposes them to a variety of unique learning contexts, the overarching outcome will be related to discipleship growth as the lives of students enrolled in the ClayStone Experience will have the opportunity to experience significant life transformation.