Faith & Service

Faith & Service

    Your Crandall journey will give you the opportunity to benefit from the highest quality research-informed academic experience.  We will also offer you opportunities to make the most of your education through assisting you in developing skills and attributes that will help to make you highly employable, able to make informed choices about your future, able to understand your worldview and that of others, and help you to be a person who gives back to the community.

    One of the ways we seek to provide such opportunities is through challenging students to explore the application of the Christian faith to daily life.   We invite students to dynamic chapel services and special events, and we ask students to give back to our community through service learning experiences where students volunteer within the city and region around campus.


    Chapel and Spiritual events: Chapels, and other special events, are student focused moments, pointing us to consider the lager questions of life; they are a time for our campus community to come together in a shared experience. 

    Our chapel ministry at Crandall is intentionally focused on one thing – a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

    From September to April every year the chapel ministry is a focal point in the daily life at Crandall. We believe that God himself came to this earth in the person of Jesus. He came into the messy brokenness of humanity and offered us hope, truth and love that still changes lives today.  At Crandall University we can’t stop talking about this! It is what drives every chapel.

    Our chapel mission:
    …to engage the heart, soul, mind and strength in honoring the manifest presence of our risen Lord by treasuring His word, celebrating the wonder of the gospel, and challenging students and staff alike to live lives of surrender, fully pleasing to God.

    Our chapels run daily starting at 11:30AM.  Generally they are as follows: 
    Monday: Small groups
    Tuesdays: Praise & worship chapels (Brinton Auditorium)
    Wednesday: Speaker (Brinton Auditorium )
    Thursday: Dean’s Chapel (Encouragement & worship) (Brinton Auditorium )
    Friday: Prayer ( MacArthur Chapel)

    All Chapels are always open to the community.

    In addition to our weekly services, special events such as Fall Foliage Day, Murray Lectures, Concert of Prayer, or others, may also be part of our chapel program

    Amidst the busyness of semesters, it is important to have times of spiritual renewal and refreshment. With the aim of refocusing on Christ, Res worship is a weekly opportunity for students to engage with the gospel through singing, fellowship, prayer, and digging into the wonderful truths of the Bible. A completely student run event, Res Worship is a truly unique part of the Crandall experience and a fundamental component of Colburne House’s genuine community.

    The title “Concert of Prayer” has been used by Christians for more than 300 years. It is a united gathering of students, staff, and faculty for the purpose of prayer. Participants bring their relationships with God like musicians bring their instruments to a musical concert. The Holy Spirit becomes the conductor in this setting. He provides the spiritual “score” and “tempo.” A more specific description of Concerts of Prayer would be: Young Christians joining in unity as a larger group for a time of prayer.

    Crandall worship teams are made up of students who profess faith in Christ and wish to honor Him with their lives and with their musical talents. Each member is seen as an ambassador and we strive to lead the Crandall community in passionate, biblically sound, God honoring worship experiences.

    Luminos is the name for our worship ministry team here at Crandall. Luminos is the name we picked, losely derived from a latin word for light, brightness, to light up – all of which apply to what we seek to do: Shine the light of Jesus’ truth, character and salvation to a dark and sinful world. Humanity is so desperately in need this light, now as much as ever. For those who are children of God it means inviting more and more of God’s light to fill up our hearts, inviting King Jesus to reign in our lives. For those not yet in God’s family it means an invitation to receive the light of Jesus and accept the forgiveness of sins He alone can offer.

    Luminos also has a touring band, playing in local churches and youth groups/ events on weekends. Each spring we also go on tour into the USA or points in western Canada, ministering to Christian Schools and youth groups. To book the Luminos band, or for more information contact Dean of the Chapel, Tim Milner,

    Fall Foliage day is your chance to step out of the ordinary and into the ’green pastures’ that God has for you. He wants to restore you, your soul, and your sanity, but you have to take a step out into His creation, and leave the rest behind. Find the beauty among the everyday, even when it is hard to find.” These were the words that marked the beginning of the 30th annual Fall Foliage Day 2012 at Crandall University. This tradition, for many past students has become a hallmark of their time at Crandall. Many student’s over the year’s comment on how much they needed it, and how they enjoyed a chance to encounter God in a new way.


    Community Practicum:  Each year, hundreds of Crandall students volunteer within Southeastern New Brunswick.  Students volunteer in the areas of culture, church, education, health, social service, environment, community development, and more.  Crandall University students volunteer more than 17,000 hours per year, lending their time and talents to over 55 organizations within our region.

    Practicum volunteer hours are done at a place of the student’s choice, for which a student receives no remuneration, where a third party can verify the student’s service; the practicum is done in such a way that will allow the student to develop his or her sense of service to the wider community.  Students are encouraged to find placements that will allow them to develop skills or connections that may benefit their education, future career, or sense of service, as well as meet the needs of those they serve.

    Some examples are listed below, although our students serve in dozens of community organizations in and around Greater Moncton. 

    Local area churches offer many opportunities for volunteering and engagement for students.  These range from next-generational ministries, outreach, and many more.

    Crandall enjoys rich relationships with many local and regional community based agencies and organizations.  These agencies fall within the areas of culture, education, health, social service, environment, community development, and more.

    While there may be other events through the year, Crandall students enjoy the annual food drive on Halloween night.  This is a great event where the generosity of our neighborhood meets the generosity of our campus to meet the needs of the many clients of local food banks.

    One evening per week, Crandall students head off to Harvest House. Be it preparing a meal, serving it, tutoring, babysitting, cleaning up around the shelter, or simply visiting with some people who need a friend, Harvest House provides a powerful glimpse into what God is doing when we’re too distracted to notice. As much as students hope to be able to impact lives, many times they are truly the ones being blessed.

    Students from Crandall have 4-6 opportunities per year to go to Westmorland Correctional Institute and/or Dorchester Penitentiary to lead Prison Chapel Services. Students participate in leading music and worship, pray, scriptural readings, perform skits, testify and lead devotionals as they worship together with the prisoners. Each service concludes with a fellowship time where students are able to share with, and pray for the inmates. More often than not it is our students who gain as they learn to put feet to their faith.

    Community Practicum Submission Forms

    Community Practicum placements must be approved prior to serving.  To submit your proposal, click here.

    To submit your completed Volunteer Record, after your Community Practicum is complete, please click here.